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CRM system for the Swedish developer company “Eftermarknad”.


Swedish developer, owner of numerous residential complexes, the company "Eftermarknad".

Development time
350+ hours
5 developers
Symfony , HTML 5 , CSS3
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Create a CRM system for a narrow and specific range of tasks, such as collecting information and registration of insurance cases arising from the residents of residential complexes of the customer and partners.

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  • Create a project interface as concise and modern as possible.
  • The system should be convenient. To use at all stages: from registration of the application by the user to its processing by experts.
  • Combine a large number of forms.
  • Simplify the transfer of information to insurance companies and complex owners.
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  • Custom system, completely designed for the customer’s business processes and implemented on the Symfony framework.
  • Minimalist design that helps users fill in all the necessary data without being distracted.
  • Notify users about changes in the status of their requests.
  • Separate login for administrators.
  • User roles.
  • Ability to add new residential complexes and other developers to the system.
  • Automatic processing of user uploaded photos.
  • Generation of PDF files with all the received data and their transfer to developers or insurance companies.
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As a result, we got a practical, concise product that solves the problem of the developer with the collection and processing of residents’ appeals.

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