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About the project

Multilingual, responsive website for the well-known consulting agency. 


Our client is a company that specializes in providing financial and legal services to businesses seeking to enter the EU and US markets.

Development time
110+ hours
5 people
WordPress , HTML 5 , CSS3
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  • to create a responsive design with 100% good customer feedback and excellent conversion:
  • to develop a clear and comprehensible menu on the site;
  • to embody 3 key components of the company: Expertise, Authority, Reliability. The site should foster “intellectual leadership” through content and strengthen brand engagement.
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A client needs a site that would become an “export-oriented community” to handle financial consulting issues. We need to create a multilingual, mobile-friendly resource with a tasteful but not too formal design. But in a way that would keep the seriousness of the company.

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  • an unusual and striking design that is memorable and does not leave visitors indifferent;
  • maximum ease of submission of information and content filling;
  • multilingualism for different audiences;
  • a feedback form (consultation order) on each service;
  • an ability to add video to the Blog article is YouTube-integrated functionality;
  • each article has the opportunity to ask questions via the feedback form.
Finevolution night

As a result, we got a colorful site with a tailored and expressive design, easy to fill and user-friendly! A site that successfully represents a consulting company and creates a positive attitude towards the brand!

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