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Date: 22 Aug 2018
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No. 1 employment agency in the state of Rhode Island, USA, partner of world-famous companies including Starbucks, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dunkin 'Donuts, etc. To make the job and employees search even more effective, it was decided to create an Internet platform.

We had to complete the following tasks

  • Develop Internet portal architecture and logic;
  • Create layouts and build the client part of the Internet portal;
  • Design the blog;
  • Build the content management system of the Internet portal;
  • Program the web portal;
  • Bring the client part and the server part of the Internet portal together.


We had to complete an uneasy task — develop the architecture and logic of the large-scale Internet portal with many sections and services for the company that matched employers and job seekers in one state and was ready to go nationwide. For the successful implementation of the project, it was necessary to select the technology stack right, as well as establish communication with the Client who was on the other side of the ocean.

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Internet portal development: technologies

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Framework Symfony

Flexible and convenient PHP framework Symfony to build the server part.

Having studied the technical specifications and learned client’s wishes, we decided to use the following technologies for platform development.
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Framework Ember.js

Web application framework Ember.js to complete the front-end tasks.

Development of the Internet portal: design

  • The main pages of the portal were designed by our American colleagues. We created the layouts and brought interactivity to the future internet portal.
  • Our designer has created an important SEO element — a blog.
  • Our front-end team has created an attractive and accessible user interface for the platform.

Development of the Internet portal: project management

Agile methods made our cooperation interesting and effective.

  • Our client relied on the experience of our managers and developers and gave us the decision-making power. We offered solutions.
  • The client has received results-oriented developers in return.
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... We focused on the goal, not on the contracts. We built this portal the way we believed was the best. We developed its architecture and logic. And we were very pleased with the fact that the testers who tracked the process on the side of the Client would give the positive feedback to what we were doing. The client also tested the product, learned how to use the resource while it was in progress, and was pleased with the results too...

says the Back-end developer of the Internet portal.

Internet portal development: new features for user convenience

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After a while, the Internet portal was launched, but still needed improvements. We saw that the sign-up algorithm wasn’t convenient enough. It was necessary to fix it.

During this development stage, we also completed some other tasks which were supposed to improve the portal’s usability.

  • Integrated a service that simplified the process of filling out the application form. A user uploads his resume to the website, server synchronizes the data and sends it in XML format. All the fields of the website form that coincide with the information on the resume get filled out automatically. Thus, the user should only add the information rather than fill in the form from scratch.
  • Integrated Twilio. This service helped to achieve one of the main goals of the resource to match the employer and the job seeker. The platform allows you to send messages with the reminders about an interview and other important information directly to a smartphone.

Internet portal development: the results

We were working on the project for two years. During that time, together with the Client, we built and launched a web portal for job search, added new useful features after the release. Our cooperation has continued at the stage of technical support.

Today Gulpfish is

No.1 job search platform in Rhode Island

One day, when I was with my family, I received a message from the Client where he thanked for the work we’ve done. He also told that the project was given an award for impact on the employment situation in the state. It was very inspiring news.

says the Front-end developer of the project.

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