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Art Museum: Case

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About the project

Website, logo and additional identity development for the Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum.


Khmelnitsky Regional Art Museum with a unique collection of works by regional and foreign authors. The museum is also a venue for creative events, workshops, presentations.

Development time
5 people
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  • create a simple and convenient resource for presenting paintings of the Art Museum;
  • develop a stylish logo and additional identity to attract attention;
  • the site should be a source for promoting the museum and the various activities that take place here.
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Our Client needs a website and logo that would fully convey the special atmosphere of the establishment and help to attract attention to his work.

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  • we chose WordPress CMS to handle a lot of content;
  • created an adaptive design;
  • implemented call-to-action for site visitors to take advantage of the services offered by the museum: individual excursion, quests, lectures, booking a photo session, holding events, etc;
  • implemented the donation program: every fan will be able to financially support initiatives to upgrade and empower the museum;
  • web storage and access to the museum’s digitized collection + easy site search;
  • multilingualism to promote the resource among tourists and visitors of the city;
  • glossary of terms: the page will help you better understand the art styles presented in the museum;
  • subscription for updates: to keep museum fans from missing out on future events.
Art Museum: Case double-picture 1
Art Museum: Case double-picture 2

So, as a result, we created an original website, a stylish logo and a bright merch to promote the Khmelnitsky Regional Art Museum!

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