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Jolly Designs

Jolly Designs is a business based in Germany, specializing in high quality Quiet Books, educational toys and accessories for children.

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About the project

Redesign of the main pages of the site, stylization of elements on the pages according to the updated design, expansion of the site’s functionality on CMS Shopify.


  •  redesign of the main pages of the site: Main page, Collection page, Product page
  •  stylization of site elements: buttons, inputs, header, footer according to the updated design
  •  integration of applications to expand the functionality of the site: wish list, counting of the number of purchases made through the site and the output of the given number on the site (the data changes in real time)

Collections page and product card

General selection of products placed by cards on the main page of the brand, and with the help of the upper drop-down menu, choose the desired category of toys and go to the page with the desired products. You can also choose the age for which a handmade educational toy is needed and the filter will automatically select the best options.

On the page of card there is all the necessary information about the product, including a gallery with expanded photos of the toy. Using the drop-down menu, the customer can also choose personalized ads before adding the product to the cart or paying. By the way, payment for the product can also be done in different ways – Express Checkout, or regular payment by card.

Personal account and wish list

The advantage of a personal profile is not only that the necessary data for payment and delivery will be saved, it will also facilitate clients choice in the future, because the product that they like can be added to the wish list and return to it when the customer needs it.

Number of purchases made

In real time you can track how many purchases have been made on the site. This provides a good opportunity to see the interaction of the brand with customers and increase their loyalty. Counting the number of purchases can indicate that the audience is interested in brand and product is really in demand.

About client

Jolly Designs is a young family business based in Königstein im Taunus, Germany, specializing in high quality Quiet Books, educational toys and accessories for children. Handmade products invite sensual discovery and promote the cognitive and motor development of your child – without noise and plastic, but with a great sense of aesthetics and a large portion of loving details.

As a result, we integrated design and functionality updates on the Shopify CMS platform, because Shopify is best suited for an online store and forms a certain community (you can expand the functionality and content of the store).