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About the project

Guide to the prominent locations of the Khmelnitsky city. The main purpose is to show the locations of the sights and briefly review its history.


Our Client is Khmelnytsky City Development Agency.

Development time
4 people
React Native
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  • create a mobile application based on the comic book “The Mysteries of Khmelville”;
  • this app should be interesting, bright, dynamic and promote the city’s history.
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Our team had to create a “virtual story” with exciting stories about known and unknown locations of the city. And also with a map where these locations are marked.

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  • We chose React Native because this framework is great for cross-platform application development;
  • embodied multilingualism so that not only residents of the city, but also tourists could learn interesting stories about Khmelnitsky;
  • came up with an idea with a soundtrack: when stories can be heard from the the comic book hero -Khmelman.
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Thus, as a result, we have created a bright guide to the sights of the city in the form of a mobile application that promotes the history and culture of Khmelnitsky!

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