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About the project

Multifunctional online store of professional cosmetics with advanced administration capabilities.


The company is an official representative of South Korean cosmetic products, specializing in the sale of skin care products and equipment.

Development time
300 hours
4 people
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  • creating a site for clients and experts in the field of cosmetology with the possibility to get wholesale and retail price;
  • a personal account and a potential income calculator should be implemented.
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  • creating the most convenient online store with advanced administration capabilities;
  • the resource should be easy to use for clients and cosmetology experts as well.
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  • Site is integrated with Client’s CRM;
  • map with location and directory of experts;
  • event announcement module and event recording capability;
  • calculator for commodity items.
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Thus, as a result, we have got a multifunctional online store of professional cosmetics, which is successfully used by our Client!

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