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About the project

Convenient online store for hats for retail and wholesale.


Polish headwear brand with trading venues in Ukraine and Poland.

Development time
5 people
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  • to create a convenient online store of hats for the Client;
  • online store should be aimed at both retail and wholesale;
  • easy to use.
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Our Client needs a special and at the same time easy to use online store. Which would fully meet the needs of retail and wholesale. And most importantly – conveyed a special corporate identity of the brand.

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  • we chose CMS OpenCart because this platform is great for online stores;
  • integration with 1C system;
  • implemented a user-friendly interface;
  • implemented a special bonus program for subscribers and special offers for bulk buyers.
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So, as a result, we got a practical and convenient online store that effectively uses our Client for selling goods!

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