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About the project

Online shop for cutting and welding metals with modern design and easy navigation.



Firm engaged in the sale of goods for plasma cutting and welding of metal. A wide range, cooperation with suppliers required the creation of a modern online store from scratch.

Development time
140 hours
3 people
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  • creation an online store from scratch with modern design and convenient navigation;
  • the resource should meet the needs of the customer as much as possible, namely: attracting customers and increasing sales;
  • be simple and understandable to use.
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Our client is constantly expanding the range of products, offering all the necessary tools for cutting and welding metal, as well as – working with reliable suppliers and having their own warehouse and production. We, in turn, had to create an online store that established online sales and became a powerful source for business.

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  • We have chosen CMS OpenCart, which is great for creating online stores;
  • developed a clear and comprehensible catalog of goods;
  • created a comfortable personal office.
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Thus, as a result, we have created a modern and convenient online store of tools for cutting and welding of metals, which is successfully used by our Client for doing business!

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