eCommerce development for the sports shop with the biggest brands, in collaboration with Promodo Digital Agency. Sportlandia has 2 physical locations in Moldova and promotes high-quality sports products.

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About the project

Development of the eCommerce in collab w/ Promodo for the multi-brand sports store with multiple categories, pages, and a simple admin panel for sales management.

Main tasks

  • layout and integration of the design,
  • realization of all e-commerce functionality,
  • showing a wide range of products and putting them in a clear interface that would combine with modern trends in eCommerce,
  • do the layout and integration in CMS OpenCart,
  • integration with local Moldovan systems and services,
  • setting up all the basic features for effective further SEO promotion.

Product catalog and categories

Sportlandia promotes high-quality sporting goods for all age categories and fitness equipment from trusted suppliers. Therefore, it was important to build clear categories to accommodate extensive product catalogs. The following product categories are available in the sidebar menu: men, women, children, types of sports, and promotions. Also, you can go to the page with brands represented in the store and sort the products by your preferred brand. The filters in the catalog can be personalized to the customer’s needs: brand, color, product type, sports type, size (European/Eastern European), gender, age, price.


It was important to find, select, and integrate systems that are relevant for eCommerce in the Moldovan online store.

Our team conducted an analysis of Moldovan accounting and management systems, payment systems from Moldovan banking, discount systems, and loyalty programs that would be convenient for Moldovan customers and effective for our Client. After conducting research on the Moldovan market and analyzing systems and programs, we selected and integrated relevant programs into CMS OpenCart. Read more about it below in our block with solutions.

Product card

The quality of the product card determines whether or not the customer decides to make a purchase. Therefore, we aim to maximize the visibility of the photo and place the brand logo above a clear product description that includes relevant keywords. A price should be well-displayed. Users should have the ability to choose the color, size, and size chart to help them make a purchase. In addition, the product characteristics and customer testimonials are also essential components of a product card.


In our solutions, we will talk about the research conducted on the Moldovan market and the analysis of systems and programs that we have chosen and integrated into the online store in Moldova.

For the accounting and management system, we have chosen the comprehensive information system Universal Accounting (UNA.md). It allows for the formation of documentation in universal and structured reports, payroll and personnel documentation, and has a calculation module.

We have connected the payment system from Moldindconbank – E-Commerce Moldindconbank.

We have also connected the loyalty program from UDS mobile app and integrated it with the discount system UDS Business —  a digital loyalty program for small and medium-sized businesses.

Also, we have implemented additional SEO technical tasks from the Client. Learn more about our SEO recommendations and solutions for online stores here.

Cart page and checkout

A cart page is a final step to go for purchase in the shop. On this page, users can view the prices of each individual product they are purchasing, along with the quantity ordered and the total cost of all items in the cart. If a customer is okay with his cart, he/she can proceed to checkout and make a payment.

Adaptive design

All pages in Sportlandia are adaptive and optimized for mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. The goal of adaptive design is to enhance the user experience (UX) by adapting to various screen sizes, pixel resolutions, and usage contexts. 

Before choosing a design method, we prioritize considering the behaviour and preferences of your audience. Adaptive design is an effective approach for optimizing an existing website to be more mobile-friendly. By customizing templates for specific devices, page loading times are improved, resulting in a faster and more efficient user experience.

The chain of sports stores in Moldova now has an effective tool for online sales. Sportlandia promotes its values of a healthy lifestyle, supports children’s sports and improves the quality of life of its customers, and Promodo and Web-Systems Solutions have helped the business highlight this in the digital.

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