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Educational online platform for hosting video lessons and training programs.


Lena Mandzyuk is the author of the healthiest blog in Ukraine in 2019. Lena helps to change your body and acquire healthy habits.

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Create an educational platform that would be easy to administer and clearly illustrate student progress. Combine a business card site with a complex educational portal.

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  • Create a simple and modern portal that is easy to learn.
  • Implement in the project a visualization of the process of change during training to encourage users to be more active.
  • Combine video lessons with individual dietary recommendations.
  • Connect your payment system and set up instant messaging.
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  • We chose CMS Open Cart, which allowed us to implement a personal account with extremely wide functionality.
  • We designed the project in a concise and modern style. Taking away everything superfluous, so that users of the portal can easily navigate the sections and find the necessary information.
  • Created sections with personal infographics of the user, which illustrates the progress of training and changes in body parameters.
  • Implemented separate sections with recommendations for nutrition.
  • The personal account also has a blog with useful tips, and the opportunity to chat with a psychologist, nutritionist, trainer.
  • Connected the payment system.
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The result of cooperation is a stylish, simple and modern platform for sports and healthy habits.

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