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Site-card for the clinic with the ability to sign up for an express online consultation and the ability to instant payment.


“Vladler” is a modern urology centre based in Khmelnytsky. The clinic where work highly qualified specialists under the guidance of the chief physician — Serhiy Omelyanchuk.

Development time
100 hours
5 developers
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  • create an easy-to-use site and note the views and preferences of the Customer;

  • implement modern design on the site and followe the clinic identity;

  • make a convenient search on the site, simple menu and quick registration process to consultation;

  • conduct internal testing.

Vladler double-picture 1
Vladler double-picture 2


This website is a business card for a company. Therefore, we chose a moderate and representative design. First of all, because our Client is a clinic with a highly qualified team. We created trust with the help of interactive photos. You can click on them and get information about the doctor and also view their certificates. Besides, we added the Chief physician’s blog with a light design. In the block “About us” we implement the button  “Video tour” and we imported the Customer’s video from YouTube channel.

Vladler inline-pictures 0 Vladler inline-pictures 1 Vladler inline-pictures 2


  • We chose CMS WordPress because this platform is best suited to convenient web resources  with not big content;
  • We implemented a clear and understandable menu on the site;
  • We introduced modern design by following the clinic’s style and Customer views;
  • We implemented registration for an express online consultation and made it possible to pay online;
  • We provided a clear interface and logical blocks;
  • We integrated the Liqpay system for online payment;
  • We integrated the AlfaSMS system for client’s notification and SMS mailings;
  • We created maximum trust in the resource by the introduction of blocks “Blog”, “News and Promotions”, “Reviews”;
  • We added a Google map with the geolocation of the clinic.
Vladler night

As a result, we have received a representative resource with a modern and simple interface for both the Customer and the clinic’s clients.

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