WoodTrick is a brand of 3D mechanical models made of natural wood for kids and adults. Project in collaboration with SE7ENSKY Digital Agency.

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About the project

Shopify integration and subdomain division for EU and US. Development of a custom Shopify app according to the technical request of the client.

Tasks of the project

  • layout integration and website with Shopify integration,
  • find a solution for the warehouse with spare parts that are available for purchase in an online store,
  • create easy steps for searching and ordering parts within the “Customer Service”,
  • develop a Shopify application with simple step-by-step logic,
  • install the Shopify app in the online store,
  • integrate the design layouts developed by SE7ENSKY Digital Agency,
  • Shopify integration with the online store.

A specific technical solution within Shopify

The development of a private app is a solution for specific needs. That is, you have a desire/problem that needs to be solved technically within your Shopify online store. Other users cannot install your app in their store, a custom app does not go through moderation and does not require publication in the Shopify App Store.

We have developed a private application for Woodtrick that allows customers to replace a specific part for an already purchased wooden constructor.

Logic of the Woodtrick app

The logic is executed on the “Customer Service” page using a step-by-step “Replacement parts” form.

Stage 1: We find out the reason for replacement (defect, damage, missing part, etc.). The user selects the reason why the part is broken.

Step 2: Search bar. The customer enters the name, serial number, barcode of their model/set of models. Below the form, there is an example picture that visually helps where to find the serial number of the model on the product card of the online store or the barcode on the box.

Step 3: The results and selecting the model for which the replacement part is needed: photo, article number, name, or a serial number of the model.

Step 4: Select the necessary part. If the customer chooses the “Damage by their own fault” option in the first stage, the price of the part and shipping costs will be displayed at the expense of the buyer. If the customer selects an option related to a defect, the price of the part will be displayed along with free shipping. There is an “I can’t find what I’m looking for” option, which allows the customer to contact support.

Cart. The cart of items and the purchase logic is the same as the main one: main cart – checkout – registration – delivery – payment.

Shopify integration

We build, design, and integrate themes/design into a Shopify online store. You don’t need to use any third-party services to sell with the Shopify service. This means that your shop will be hosted on Shopify’s servers and you’ll use their checkout process. It is SEO-friendly and gives more customization and opportunities for expanding your store. Get more details about Shopify development and integrations here.

Solutions for Woodtrick case

  • We integrated the layout into Shopify and set up the whole site with Shopify.
  • We developed a specific technical solution within Shopify.
  • We created a private app that allows replacing a certain part of a wooden constructor.
  • We implemented the logic of the reason, selection, purchase, and delivery through a custom form. 
  • We have developed functionality for a Shopify app that allows searching for details and also picks up related product plates. As a result, it provides the user with information from the inventory in the form on a separate page of the online store. 
  • We helped the client separate the parts inventory from the main product catalog.
  • We integrated the design into the Shopify online store.

We have developed a website and a private Shopify app for a wooden construction kit store, which solves the problem of finding the necessary products from the spare model inventory. Can’t find something you need to automate your processes or expand functionality? We develop professional custom solutions using the native Shopify API. You can find out more about it here.

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