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About the project

Development of the online store “AJOUR” – for a manufacturer of lingerie, swimwear and home clothing.


LLC CCI "UNIVERSAL" is a Ukrainian manufacturer that has several own brands. "AJOUR" is one of them. It is a fashion brand that has been on the market for 16 years and a chain of stores with 30 physical outlets in Ukraine. They are import in the United States and Europe. For more than 5 years, the company has entrusted us with the support of its own websites, online stores and the development of new ones.

Development time
300+ hours
6 developers
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Previously, we developed a website for one of the trademarks of CCI LLC “UNIVERSAL” – V&T Socks. In addition, Ajour, Bretelle, Win are also brands of the company. This is a team of professionals with 20 years of experience who are trendsetters in the world of lingerie. Therefore, it was important for us to:

  • Make a complete redesign of the site and save a unique recognizable style of the client;
  • Make change from CMS Magento to CMS OpenCart;
  • Combine three brands with three different styles in one online store;
  • Show a wide range of products and show them in a clear interface that would combine with modern trends in E-commerce;
  • Integration with goods accounting system, payment and delivery systems.
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The trademark “AJOUR” has already got international recognition. Therefore, it was important for us to present a wide range of products in a beautiful and convenient way in one online store. Also, we needed follow the style of the brand using details, fonts and concise logos.

“AJOUR” have a wide model and size range, so we have structured the catalog by collections, sets, types of lingerie, additional accessories. Also we added sections “Promotions”, “Sale” and “Gift Ideas”, where the selected categories are filtered by showing relevant products.

The challenge was to combine 3 brands – “Ajour”, “Bretelle”, “Win” – in 1 store. At the same time, each brand has a separate page with its own logo, nomenclature, catalog, prices.

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  • We realized the project on CMS OpenCart, as this platform can withstand heavy loads and it is optimal for online stores;
  • We created a visually pleasing, stylish and practical design of the site, using the unique tone and style of the Client;
  • We created a design for three independent pages for each brand of lingerie, which differ by catalogs, range, style and positioning. Each page interactively and effectively works on one site;
  • We implemented an advanced search filter for all catalogues;
  • We gave the ability to get feedback easily and quickly. It can be a link button, application form or contact block where you can call in one click;
  • We added a map where you can find physical stores near the buyer;
  • In addition to the “Cart”, we added a section “Favorites” (saved products) and a functional “Personal Cabinet”;
  • We connected the customer loyalty system in the online store;
  • There is an ability to quickly view the product and order in one click;
  • In the footer (“basement” of the site) we impement a menu with service pages, where we added videos that integrate from YouTube;
  • We implemented multilingualism (Ukrainian, English, Russian languages) and multicurrency (UAH, USD, EUR);
  • We made flexible and in-depth integration with 1C Client;
  • There were connected Nova Poshta and the LiqPay payment system.
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As a result, we got a trendy and flexible online store for the creative manufacturer. With an intuitive interface, a wide structured assortment and an elegant presentation of goods.

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