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Chain of furniture salons "Yasen". Under this name lies more than 25 years of experience and 46 stores in 6 regions of the country.

Development time
200+ hours
4 developers
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  • Develop a modern and adaptive site design.
  • Transfer the corporate style of the Customer.
  • Perform layout and integration with CMS OpenCart.
  • Integrate the store with the Сustomer’s accounting system and display the real balances of goods in warehouses.
  • Conduct internal testing and basic optimization of the online store to the requirements of search networks.
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  • Combine a system of convenient site administration with fast ordering.
  • Create a bright and noticeable project
  • The resource should be easy to use for customers
  • Search the map of the nearest store.
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  • We chose CMS OpenCart, which is best suited for creating online stores with a wide range of products. All its tools and modules are sharpened for e-commerce. For customers in practice, this means – an easy search, easy navigation, purchase history, and the ability to view the status of your order. For managers – easy management of an unlimited number of goods, customers, and orders. This CMS allows (if necessary) – to expand the functionality.
  • The catalog of goods was structured, dividing it into product groups with clear names.
  • The product card was created simple but as informative as possible to allow displaying all the technical characteristics.
  • Added labels on the product card for promotions, discounts, sales – so that the customer receives the most complete information.
  • Added a page with a map where the search for the nearest salons in your city is performed.
  • Implemented multilingualism (Ukrainian, Russian languages).
Yasen night

The result of the cooperation was a modern online store that combines the convenience of choosing and ordering with the corporate style of our client.

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