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E-Commerce integration for business

We integrate accounting systems, online payment and delivery systems, as well as CRM-systems with a website
What is "integration"?

“Integration is the synchronization of a specific system (delivery, payment, accounting, or marketing tools) with your online store or mobile e-commerce application.”

Modern online stores cannot exist without integrations

Online stores can no longer do without additional integrations that improve interaction with users. That is why we are closely involved in integrations with such systems as accounting systems (1C, AB Office and others), online payment systems (Liqpay, Wayforpay, NovaPay, etc.), delivery systems (Nova Poshta, UkrPoshta, Delivery, Meest), and CRM systems.

Types of business integrations

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Integration with payment systems
LiqPay, Nova Pay, WayforPay and other payment systems
Integration with delivery systems
Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, Meest Express, In Time and other delivery systems
Integration with accounting systems
1C Enterprise and AB office
1C Enterprise and AB office
Bitrix 24, AmoCRM and other systems
Integration with -sms, -email services
SendPulse, MailChimp, Alpha SMS and other services
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