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Integration with delivery systems

We integratie your website with delivery systems
Integration with delivery systems
"Give your customers the opportunity to choose exactly how they want to receive orders from your online store"

Courier services have already become an integral part of e-commerce. This is due to the fact that the market for goods that can be bought online is growing every year. So the business offers users fast, reliable and available delivery: to the warehouse or by courier.

We integrate the following
delivery systems
How is the process of integration
of the delivery system is provided?
Order from you
Leave a request on our website
Choice of delivery systems
You choose the delivery system independently or together with our manager
You register in the already selected delivery ystem
Transmission of information
Pass the necessary information for the integration to our manager and developers start the work
A short list of things you can
get with the delivery system*
of orders and statuses
Parcel tracking and its
Printing of consignment notes stickers
Printing shipping documents
Automatic and
registration of consignment note
Synchronization of
post offices and

*The depth and functionality of the integration depends only on your business objectives and on the service which can provide such opportunities

Video about integration with delivery systems

We made the video for the maximum
explaining about integration
with delivery systems

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