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Integration with payment systems

We integrate payment systems with the website
Integration with payment systems
"Online payment allows you to make your online store convenient, and also secure"

The difference between the payment systems is actually quite small. It’s just the % of the fees charged by the system for transactions and additional checks, if you sell health-related goods, for example.

We integrate the following
payment systems for e-commerce:
How is the process of integration
of the payment system is provided?
Order from you
Leave a request on our website
Choice of payment systems
You choose the payment system independently or together with our manager
You register in the already selected payment system
You are verified on the service of the selected online payment system
Transmission of information
Pass the necessary information for the integration to our manager and developers start the work
Benefits of online payments
Speed of receiving money
The business does not have to wait several days until the customer pays the courier service
Contactless payment
Secure payment in a few clicks, without any interaction with cash and people
Electronic receipt on your e-mail
Automated processing of payments by the business and convenient receipt and storage of receipts for payment by the customer
Need integration?
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