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The power of collaboration

We’ve joined forces to give you a strong and fast service that helps to get a detailed UI/UX audit report and immediately implement the best hypothesis into a website.


Why our collaboration will help you?

Collaboration of our teams in UX audit service brings together two key elements:

  • Analytical soft skills
  • Technical hard skills

It’s a combination that makes us extraordinary and incredibly helpful to increase your website’s CR.

Analytical excellence

Turum-burum has spent 14 years focusing on making eCommerce websites user-friendly. They’re so good at it that Google recognized them as a UX Partner.

They use your data to find efficient solutions that increase the conversion rate of an online store by at least 15%.

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UX Audit

Technical brilliance

On the technical side, Web-Systems Solutions is your reliable team for developing online stores that perform well.

We’ve been building eCommerce websites for 15 years. These online stores not only have the bestquality but also well-optimized for search engines. We’ve got the technical side covered.


we create a powerful collaboration to help your online store grow.

UX Audit UX Audit UX Audit

UX Audit UX Audit UX Audit

UX Audit UX Audit UX Audit

UX Audit UX Audit UX Audit

UX Audit UX Audit UX Audit

What is a UX audit service for eCommerce websites?

UX (User Experience) audit is a checkup for online stores, where we can deeply understand the conversion rate issues, select several solutions and implement the most relevant into an online store.


It helps us find out why some stores may not be selling well and how we can make them better. The audit works best when we have all the details from the store owner.

Let’s discuss
A step-by-step process of how UX audit service works
Part 1:

We perform a thorough UX analysis, offering multiple hypotheses, reports, and recommendations in a roadmap format.

  • Step 1: Questionnaire
  • Step 2: Comprehensive UX audit
  • Step 3: Detailed presentation
Part 2:

We prioritize these tasks, and test hypotheses of given UX/UI solutions using A/B testing, Google Optimize tools, etc.

  • Step 4: Task prioritization
  • Step 5: Implementation
  • Step 6: Design & development
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Proven A/B testing and Google Optimize tools.

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Our user interfaces stay current and on-trend.

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We build online stores based on SEO best practices.

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