Diversify not keep

Diversify not keep

The latest corporate news: we’ve been officially recognized as Shopify Partners, redesigned the focus of Web-Systems Solutions services, and expanded our portfolio by establishing a new company called Homin… But rest assured, everything is in order. Keep reading for more details in the article.

The Web-Systems Solutions team has been developing eCommerce websites for 15 years, during which we’ve spent 5 years actively expanding into the Western market with Shopify solutions.

In the latest news, we’ve become official Shopify partners.

Throwback in time: in 2018, during a strategic session at Web-Systems Solutions, we conducted corporate research and prioritized the Shopify development vector.

What drove our decision to prioritize Shopify? Customer requests, development statistics, trends … and a little risk.

Step by step, we developed expertise in Shopify, working with ongoing and new customers, launching applications and online stores, expanding the partner network, and obtaining certifications.

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Achieving partner status was our primary goal, but this opportunity had been closed to new applicants for the past 4 years. Despite receiving less than optimistic responses from Shopify support, which encouraged us to work, improve, expand, believe in ourselves, and wait 😉 … our team remained steadfast in pursuing this goal, constantly monitoring updates and striving towards it.

In early March 2024, we received an invitation to the official partner cabinet on the Shopify Partners Directory. We became one of the 5 official partners from Ukraine and a part of a list of 1510 companies worldwide.

We now continue our work as a trusted official partner, efficiently completing customer projects according to all Shopify development standards.

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Strategy and Tactics: What’s Next?

Focusing mainly on building online stores with Shopify, we’ve formed a strong network of partners. Today, we work closely with top experts in web development, design, and SEO, making Web-Systems Solutions known as synonymous with eCommerce development.

In the summer of 2023, during a strategic session, we decided to put most of our focus on eCommerce projects, ranging from online stores to high-load marketplaces. We realized these were the kinds of problems we were best at solving. Plus, it’s where our clients need our help the most. Our clients today seek solutions that not only drive their business success but also facilitate profit growth, operational scalability, and contribute to the national economy’s advancement. And when businesses do well, it means more jobs, taxes, and donations…

eCommerce without borders

Firstly, we decided to redesign Web-Systems Solutions’ site. Not for the first time, but once again! 🙂 Our slogan and inspiration, “eCommerce without borders,” stayed the same. Our identity and style didn’t change drastically.

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Currently, we offer 4 main services:

  1. Online store with custom design.
  2. Online store with a ready-made theme.
  3. Highload online store.
  4. Mobile app for retail business.

We’ve also developed specialized solutions tailored for the eCommerce market:

We’ve divided our portfolio into industry-specific solutions, categorized according to the industries we often work with: Fashion and lifestyle, Home and garden, Toys and games, Health and beauty, Food and beverages, and Auto.

We’ve also dedicated a separate focus to AI direction. Here, we streamline sellers’ workflows, particularly by simplifying SEO optimization for their products.

One example is our public app #Metagen, which is freely available for installation on the Shopify App Store. We continuously enhance this app, enabling merchants to effortlessly generate the necessary metadata to boost organic traffic to their Shopify stores. You can check out the case study of our application development here.

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Besides, we’ve changed the communication strategy on social media. placing a greater emphasis on showcasing our case studies and collaborations.

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“5 more reasons to trust us with your next project”

In the past year, we gave more attention to the awwwards! platform, known for promoting design, creativity, and innovation in the digital. We entered 3 projects for review and scored a perfect 3 out of 3! We received Honorable Mention awards for 3 of our projects and 1 in partnership, along with the Element of the Day award. You can check profile on Awwwards here.

Also, we’ve collected 29 reviews on Clutch with an excellent average rating of 5.0. You can check reviews on Clutch here.

Thanks to our clients’ trust and feedback, we won awards from Clutch for global eCommerce development in 2023 and as the TOP eCommerce developer in Eastern Europe for 2024.

In just the last two months, we’ve received 5 new detailed reviews of our work. These accomplishments give you 5 more reasons to choose us for your next project!

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Beyond the borders of eCommerce

So, even though we mainly focused on eCommerce, our team also has expertise in GovTech and B2B development, which aren’t related to eCommerce. We helped government structures go digital and partnered on projects with organizations like Diia, Ukrzaliznytsia, and the National Police. This emphasis on GovTech was a key factor motivating us to establish a new company.

Diversify not keep

We took these projects from Web-Systems Solutions and… formed separate companies.

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In our GovTech portfolio, you’ll find a variety of projects covering mobile app development, software creation, module development, personal accounts, website design, UX/UI design, and branding, all tailored for the Edtech and GovTech sectors. You can explore our GovTech echoes here.

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Our team showcased a broad expertise, extending beyond GovTech. We supported cultural and educational initiatives, automated B2B businesses, enhanced local tourism, developed FitnessTech mobile apps, did business branding, and implemented artificial intelligence to achieve specific business goals.

Hence, the concept of diversifying the company is straightforward: with specialized projects and loyal clientele, our teams can provide more focused services:

  • mobile apps development,
  • custom development,
  • full integration of artificial intelligence.

Homin — business tech solutions

At Homin, our goal is to leverage innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to accelerate our clients’ business development.

Homin’s expertise caters to the needs of projects such as:

  • GovTech.
  • Mobile applications.
  • EdTech / FitnessTech.
  • Cloud-based business solutions.
  • MVP or startups.

Explore case studies with lasting Homin echoes on the company’s new website: https://www.homin.tech/en

We are ready for cooperation!

Every day, the world presents us with new challenges. Businesses are often the first to confront these changes. It’s not about absorbing or echoing change. It’s about adapting to the situation without giving up the values, and adjusting them to fit new situations, instead of falling apart under pressure. To give the world new echoes.

Business is a space for action. Act with Homin.

You can share the echoes of your project here.

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