Google Shopping as an effective instrument in E-commerce

Google Shopping as an effective instrument in E-commerce

Why Google Shopping has become so popular?

This service aims to make sure that a person has done as fewer steps as possible when choosing their product. Accordingly, the choice of the store`s site for shopping happens before the person visits the site. That’s why Google Shopping is so popular and developing among online stores. When a user types in the Google search bar the name of the product he wants to buy – than in the search results, below the search bar, you can see specific offers from online stores, including site name, product, image and price. So, users get a clear idea of ​​the product before they click on the ad. Thanks to this, the seller gets more focused and promising buyers. In addition, product announcements lead to a wider presence. By user’s search query can appear several seller’s ads at once, and in some cases, a text announcement at the same time as a product ad. That’s why, one user’s search query can reach twice as many buyers.

Before search advertising has brought a lot of traffic and orders. Now 80% of all Google advertising brings Google Shopping. If we look at the statistics of world countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, we will see that Google Shopping is a key instrument for attracting customers to online stores. Google Shopping is developing and it will develop. Over the past two years, it has undergone many changes, additions and improvements to optimize the service.

According to data from Google, product ads along with text announcements will achieve the following results:

  • 90% visit the site;
  • 83% make a purchase;
  • 77% visit the product page;
  • 73% add the product to the cart;
  • 75% are looking for a brand.

As for Ukrainian sellers who have already worked with the instrument,

  • 92.3% of respondents are fully or partially satisfied with the results of Google Shopping;
  • 78.44% plan to invest in it in the future;
  • 58.82% receive up to three orders a day via Google Shopping;
  • 30% – receive up to 10 orders.

At the same time, 40% of the surveyed sellers pay Google up to 50 UAH for every received order.

What you must consider before dealing with Google Shopping?

  • The image and cost of the product are the determining factors of buyer`s choice. Starting this type of advertising requires technical implementation of site feeds, payment methods, etc.
  • It is better to spend more time on optimization and settings. In Google Shopping, you don’t have the ability to specify the keywords that trigger this ad. All you have is your product and your catalog. Google will take keywords from the names of these products, from the descriptions and characteristics.
  • The better your content is processed, the better it also allows you to take the best positions at a lower price. Moreover, it will help you to promote your products faster and properly present them to your customer.
  • It is not necessary that everything must be unique. Here, we are not talking about SEO, but about the basic things that are important for a potential buyer. If you want Shopping to work for you properly, buyers should have a convenient way for choosing your product, switch to the site, read the descriptions and specifications, pay for it online, be able to choose courier delivery, know about the return and warranty.

How do I add products to Google Shopping?

Shopping ads are based on the Merchant Center, a tool that allows you to upload store and product data to Google. It makes them available to other system services as well. For example, to Google images or the Google Display Network. To get started working with merchant campaigns, you need to submit product information to the Merchant Center and create a campaign in Google Ads. This requires an appropriate data feed of goods.

(an example for xml feed)

The data feed is generated automatically, depending on the settings. The data must be updated every 24 hours, or once at 7 days. Next – you need to sign in the Merchant Center and insert a link to the data feed. 

If you have several products, you can create your feed manually using Google Spreadsheets. Hundreds or thousands of products? Manually is not an option. Therefore, we recommend you to contact us and we`ll develop a feed;) This is always relevant for sites on Shopify, OpenCart and WooComerce.

Then you can set up a trading campaign. A trading campaign is a showcase of your store and your business card for modern E-commerce users. You should keep it in appropriate condition to attract an audience and profit. Also you need evaluate the results to find out what attracts the most buyers. Besides, use smart trading campaigns to manage the range. They will provide optimal simplicity, efficiency and better coverage. Complement smart trading campaigns with standard trading companies and remarketing to reach more customers and automatically optimize audiences and products.

What is the payment for using Google Shopping?

Product ads are set up in the Google Ads advertising office and are usually paid according to the CPC (CPC-cost per click). So, the fee is charged only when the user:

  • clicks on an ad that directs him/her directly to the target page on your site.
  • clicks on an ad that directs him/her to a target page on Google’s local advertising server.

Most of Ukrainian online sellers spend up to 500 UAH per day on advertising in Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is an important instrument to launch, but it’s not a panacea. This is a relatively new service and not everyone has start working with it yet. That’s why there is less competition and more tools now.

Cons of Google Shopping:

  • Payment is charged for each click of the buyer. As soon as the money runs out, your ads will stop showing.
  • In overheated niches, the cost of a click is very high. For example, if your company rents servers – the cost of a click can easily reach 50-100 UAH here.
  • This type of advertising requires constant analysis of indicators.
  • You may not advertise a range of services and products that are prohibited by law or Google policy. For example, you can’t launch ads for medical masks or intimate services.
  • Google Shopping may not give a good result on a small range of products in competitive niches.

Google Shopping works not just in search results, but also on YouTube, and will soon start working in Gmail. This instrument is fastly developing and will soon be available on all Google platforms. Google Shopping is about enabling you to grow your sales with good conversions and normal value.

Do you want to take a leading position in E-commerce? Contact us, we will help you with the start of working with Google Shopping, including the development of feed data.

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