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Olena Mandziuk is a trainer, nutritionist, and YouTube creator of home workouts. Through her new online project, Olena aims to promote a healthy mindset towards the body.

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About the project

Development of a web platform for sports programs and fitness intensives by Olena Mandziuk – influencer with a million audience.

Tasks of the project

  • Create a smooth and contemporary design tailored to a female audience. 
  • Develop a web platform that allows users to create personalized nutrition programs and track their progress through visually engaging workout visuals in their personal accounts. 
  • Incorporate visual representations of the transformation process during training to motivate users to stay active.
  • Integrate video lessons with customized nutrition recommendations. 
  • Select a user-friendly CMS for easy content management and seamless payment processing. 
  • Integrate payment systems.

Choosing a sports program

Users can participate in the program by clicking the “Buy Course” button on the main page. Each course has its own specific goal. In the personal account, users can find links to chat groups in messengers for each course. Users can buy multiple courses, but they can’t purchase the same course goal more than once. Once a course goal is purchased, it is marked as completed and removed from the available list.

A personal account and its sections

After successfully purchasing the course, users need to enter their real data in the personal account to accurately calculate their individual metrics based on automated algorithms. In the “Courses” section, users will find a personalized daily training schedule based on their chosen course goal. The “Nutrition” section provides tailored nutrition plans that align with the basal metabolic rate metrics and course goals. In the “Dynamics” section, users can visually track their progress through a graph displaying changes in weight and other relevant factors.

Challenges we faced

Olena’s sports program has been running consistently through social media for 5-6 years, attracting 800 to 1,500 participants every month. The main goal of this project was to create a centralized platform where users could easily access all aspects of the sports program, receive valuable feedback, and connect with a supportive community.

Selection and dynamics of trainings

Each course has its own set of exercises tailored to its specific goal. Content managers can easily upload video lessons and daily workouts using the user-friendly OpenCart CMS admin panel. Once the workout is completed, users can rate their experience.

Solutions for Dream Fit

  • We selected CMS OpenCart, which enabled us to incorporate a feature-rich personal account. 
  • The project was designed with a clean and contemporary style, removing any unnecessary elements to ensure that platform users can easily navigate sections and find the information they need. 
  • We created sections that showcase personalized user infographics, illustrating their training progress and body parameter changes. 
  • In addition, we implemented separate sections dedicated to nutrition recommendations, including basal metabolic rate calculation, dish selection, and budget-friendly dietary options. 
  • We integrated video playback functionality through Vimeo and connected payment systems, such as Liqpay and Wayforpay.

The result of our collaboration is a stylish, user-friendly, and modern sports platform that promotes healthy habits.

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