WISHAK is the largest brand of hangers, garment covers, and small trade equipment in Ukraine founded in 2004. Production services include not only the manufacturing of the product but also the design development and creation of a stylish image.

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About the project

Redesign and integration based on solutions that have already been developed by the Web-Systems.Solutions team before.


To be on-trend is when a brand sets the tone and needs to follow and maintain it always. Our task was to update the website to modern standards. The design that was previously on the website had dark colors and no longer met the requirements of now and style. That’s why it was decided to highlight the entire color scheme, used more white and light gray, and change the accent color to a cleaner and more saturated orange.

Catalog and product page

The website offers quite a few categories of products that can be found in the main menu. Each category of products has its own sub-catalog with filters and the ability to sort by various parameters such as price, new arrivals, popularity, etc. When you go to product page, you can see photos, description, features, customer reviews, price, and the “Add to cart” button.

UX design in the placement of these details is very important because the customer needs to understand quickly what to do to buy the product, and it must be intuitively understandable.


The website has a search function, which we kept when updating the site. This function allows users to find the desired product by keyword, article number, category, etc.

User account and Newsletter Subscription

The user account allows customers to save their personal information, order history, and favorite products. Creating an account can be convenient for customers who regularly make purchases on the site and want to receive personalized offers and sales.

To increase customer loyalty, brand offers the option to subscribe to newsletters. Customers can leave their emails and receive notifications about new arrivals, promotions, and sales. Additionally, the site may offer special discounts and promo codes for those who sign up for the newsletter. Furthermore, receiving regular news and offers from the site may encourage customers to make purchases on the site more often.


When user has selected the necessary items, they can view cart, add or remove items, select a delivery and payment method, and choose product branding.

In the case of selecting product branding, a manager should contact the client to ensure the accuracy and all necessary details of the order. During the ordering process, the user can choose which manager they want to speak with.


The “Partners” tab is designed to attract partners to collaborate with the company. On this page, you can find information about the terms of cooperation, the loyalty program for partners, and contact company representatives to obtain additional information using a form.

As a result, we have a modern and convenient website that incorporates all the company’s developments over many years. To attract more customers, it is important to keep up with current customer preferences and trends.

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