The Ukrainian startup "Hajster" emerged during the hot phase of the war in Ukraine. The brand is entering the home climate systems market with an innovative solution — heat pumps, designed to minimize costs and environmental impact.

Hajster - logo

About the project

Website development for the innovative Ukrainian startup — Hajster heat pumps. In cooperation with “Snig” design studio.

Tasks of the project

  • Create a website for a modern Ukrainian brand, which is increasingly gaining popularity in the global energy supply market.
  • Choose a solution for a startup that currently doesn’t offer a range of products for sale but already needs an online presence.
  • Develop a landing page that will eventually expand into an online store.
  • Select technology suitable for the site’s future integration with e-commerce tools.
  • Realize a solution to meet the client’s need for quick access to order information and efficient order processing.
  • Our partners at snig.digital were tasked with designing a modern-style website with animations

How to choose a technology to develop a website for startup?

“Hajster” is an innovative startup of the “Sahara” company, which has 23 years of experience in the design and installation of climate systems. All this potential has been invested in the development of the innovative Ukrainian heat pump — the brand called “Hajster”.

For the website for a startup, we went with OpenCart technology because it’s great for future electronic commerce. [You can see our Opencart projects here]. Moreover, OpenCart allows us to develop a Blog for the site.

Right now, it’s a landing page with three main parts: the product, details about the company, and contact info. To see the products, you just click a button for more info, and then it takes you to a contact form.

We put extra effort into the Blog development, where we added cool features like filters for articles, extra sections with recommended reads, and some nice animations for the header and menu.

Integration with external services

In addition, we implemented the integration of the OpenCart site with Google Sheets, so that our client quickly received information about the order and it was convenient to work with leads.

Hajster challenges

Our client is a unique brand that came about during the war in Ukraine. They came up with the idea to create a Ukrainian heat pump brand in response to rising gas prices and the escalating demand for this technology in Europe. This is why we approached the “Hajster” project personally, organizing an in-person meeting with the client in Kyiv.

The main focus of this project is the product, which is an advanced solution for a comfortable home climate. The website’s goal is to showcase the heat pump as both a product and a service: company offers top-notch installation, user-friendly controls, and technical support.

To achieve this, Web-Systems Solutions, in collaboration with our partners at the design studio Snig, added a variety of animations to the landing page. Our challenge was to create high-quality animations without slowing down the site’s performance.

Landing page animation (video)

Solutions for Hajster case

  • To create the landing page, we chose OpenCart technology. It’s great for future e-commerce.
  • We’ve added a Blog section to the landing page (it’s still being filled up).
  • The landing page was smoothly integrated with OpenCart. This ensures that the client can easily handle the site using the admin panel.
  • We’ve also set up the site integration with Google Sheets. This way, the client gets quick updates about orders and can manage them easily.
  • Through design, we’ve mirrored the startup’s goal of making heat pumps using the best global components and 100% located in Ukraine.
  • We used animations with minimal code to keep the site fast. This gives it a cool look and great functionality.
  • Technical support of the project and further e-commerce development for the client.
  • We’re here to help the client with other web solutions to boost the brand in the energy-efficient tech market.

This project lets us promote a top-notch Ukrainian product with big development plans. Now, you know exactly where to go for economic and safe heating technology!

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