"Shchodnia" is a chain of stores selling household cleaning products and cosmetics.They have 85+ stores all over Ukraine. They are one of our long-term clients. We made an online store for them, integrated a RRO system, set up a bonus system. And now, we've developed a mobile app that turns their loyalty program into a digital one.

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About the project

A mobile loyalty app development that replaces physical store bonus cards with an easy-to-use smartphone loyalty system.

Customer loyalty rewards program

All “Shchodnia” partner stores run a loyalty program called “Shchodnia Club” for their loyalty program cardholders. This program offers special weekly discounts on selected products, and it continuously updates with various discount offers. To make this happen, we’ve integrated the app with the accounting system that tracks goods and customers.

The mobile loyalty app’s main page has a barcode with a card number. It’s used to add or deduct bonuses from a customer’s account. This data is synchronized with 1C.

Now, customers can purchase at the “Shchodnia” and earn rewards in their Rewards account by simply scanning their card through the phone.

Product scanning and promotional offers

To easily check product prices in physical stores, we’ve added a barcode scanner feature to the mobile loyalty app.

With the help of push notifications in the “Shchodnia” app, users can conveniently plan their purchases and stay updated on promotional offers like Best Price, Weekly Deal, and Deal of the Month.

News to stay informed

The news section serves as an additional touchpoint with customers. What’s more, the news is personalized. Each piece of news can be tapped on to view in detail. The app administrator can link a list of stores to specific news items. (For example, to inform about ongoing promotional offers at a particular physical store).

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How to find the nearest store

On the map, customers can view the location of a physical store in the city. This reduces the distance for a potential store visitor. How does it work internally? The list of active stores is transferred from the 1C system, which is then displayed in the app. Stores also can be linked to the News section from the admin panel.

Purchase history

In the user’s personal account of this mobile loyalty app, we’ve implemented a view of Rewards information and purchase/order history, including the date, store, order amount, and bonus points earned.

The app is synchronized with the product and customer accounting system.

Products, prices, and product updates are synchronized using a 1C file. 1C system will provide a file with a list of products with a single price type, barcode, and all product information, just as they are currently transmitted to the online store. Additionally, we’ve added automatic file upload functionality.

Solutions for "Shchodnia" case

  • We developed a cross-platform mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Designed the user interface for the mobile loyalty application, including start pages, registration and authorization screens, the main dashboard with a card view, news feed, barcode scanner, product information pages, a store locator map, and a personal account section that displays purchase history and bonus information.
  • Performed the layout and integrated the mobile application with the Laravel API for seamless functionality.
  • Successfully implemented a phone number authorization mechanism for user convenience and security.
  • Incorporated a barcode scanner within the application, enabling users to easily check product prices in physical stores.
  • Implemented a map functionality allowing users to locate physical stores within their city.
  • Implemented features within the personal account section, enabling users to view their Rewards information and order history, including dates, store names, order amounts, and earned purchase bonuses.
  • Established data synchronization with 1C, ensuring accurate and real-time data updates.
  • Developed an admin panel for adding news updates and linking them to specific physical store locations.
  • Set up push notifications delivery and filter them for specific user groups.

Web-Systems Solutions is always here to support our clients’ efforts to expand their eCommerce presence. A mobile loyalty application is the perfect solution to bridge the gap between your product and your customers through a bonus system. No more need to collect physical cards.

We’re delighted that Ukrainian entrepreneurs are reaching out to our team to streamline their processes and enhance accessibility for their customers.

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