Neue Energie: Case – Web-systems

Development of a Large-Scale Web Portal and Corporate Web Applications for the German Energy Company

Date: 10 Jun 2018
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Neue Energie is a German energy company specializing in professional consulting for consumers of electricity and gas, working with suppliers and distributors. Their goal is to create a network throughout Germany with resource providers and sales partners to provide consumers with the best energy deals and services. A convenient Web portal for customers and partners is the solution to
achieve this goal.

Project Tasks

Projects - Neue Energie : image-1
  • Development of business logic and functionality for 3 web platforms for searching deals, selling contracts, and for records keeping.
  • Development of a convenient administrative panel for the company's partner program users.
  • Development of auxiliary web-applications for the office employees use.

To achieve the goals, our team has developed effective web solutions.

1 Admin panel of the web portal Neue Energie

For the company’s partner program users: energy suppliers (offer their deals, collect contracts), consultants and distributors (help customers to select the best deal, sell contracts of the suppliers, create networks of their employees, earn % per sale).

2 Calculator for users

The users of the web portal can enter their data, for example, zip code and annual energy consumption and the website will offer them the best deals based on this information.

3 Corporate web application

For internal employees with the extended admin features such as
  • creation and calculation of the deals
  • uploading and storing the contracts
  • accounting
Bonus card
Internet portal image

4 Web application for managing Internet portals

Both resource A and resource B sell the contracts of the providers at their rates. For convenient binding of the tariffs to web resources, for processing identical information from these websites, a web application C was created. Formula image

5 Additional functionality of the Internet portal and web applications

  • Development of a bonus system for participants working on an affiliate program.
  • Development of a corporate online store for bonus purchases.
  • Integration with suppliers API.

Development technologies

To develop the back-end part and interface of the web platforms, we selected technologies that not only accelerated the development process, but also
ensured the high quality of the product.

Sympfony logo Back-end

We used the popular PHP framework Symfony to
  • - develop business logic of the web resources
  • - develop all necessary functionality, in particular
  • - calculator
  • - bonus system
  • - contract form uploading
  • - electronic signature
  • - statistics of signed contracts (suppliers, deals, sums, etc.)
  • - instant notifications
  • - contract statuses management

Ember logo Front-end

If you want your users to feel comfortable, you need a convenient and fast interface. This front-end task was successfully solved with Ember.js a productive and ergonomic JavaScript framework for web applications (Single Page Applications).

Single Page App (one-page interface) is a web application that works as fast as a mobile or computer application, but it is accessible through a browser. Speed of work, more dynamic interactivity make it different from a regular website. SPA is not only convenient and modern but also a prestigious solution.


Efficient automated testing was implemented on the project to ensure code quality. To write automated tests we used the testing framework

Automated testing allowed us to
Search Process

Speed up the process of bug searching
and elimination


Automate some work of the

Command Actions

Coordinate the actions of the team.


During these two years of successful cooperation, we have developed an efficient web portal that connected suppliers, distributors and consumers of energy resources. Also, we successfully released 2 corporate web applications. Our collaboration still continues today.
And here are some more results:


97,632 processed orders


Liberalization of
Germany's energy market


Constant calls from
grateful customers

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