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Nosbarboss - online store, developed on the OpenCart CMS from scratch according to the SEO technical specifications in collaboration with the Promodo agency.

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About the project

Nossbarbos is a pet grooming salon and a chain of pet stores for pet owners in Kyiv. The Nosbarbos team is actively engaged in volunteer activities, including helping to find new homes for homeless animals.

Project Task

  • Develop an online store with a modern, user-friendly, and concise design for ambitious owners, taking into account SEO technical requirements.
  • Select an eCommerce solution based on the OpenCart CMS for selling pet store products.
  • Develop a UI/UX design for the online pet store.
  • Layout the pages designed according to our design.
  • Integrate the layout with OpenCart.
  • Implement a page for booking pet grooming appointments.
  • Implement an adoption page.

Project Challenges

The project is very interesting in terms of implementation, particularly because the store offers a wide variety of products. Therefore, to maximize the automation of filling the online store, we implemented product uploads from a file with products. Additionally, at checkout, we added the option to select the date and time of delivery when user choosed selfpicking-up products from different offline stores, as well as an indicator showing the amount needed to add for free delivery.

Adoption Section

Our clients are actively engaged in volunteering, supporting our Armed Forces of Ukraine, and they also pay close attention to animals. They organize campaigns and collections to support shelters with food and medicine, conduct charity grooming events, and other initiatives.
One of the important requirements of the client was to create an “online shelter” section. Here, animals in need of care are featured and searching a new family. There is also the ability for potential new owners looking for a pet to submit an adoption request. After review and clarification, the animal can be transferred to a new loving family.
The problem of homeless dogs and cats is extremely acute due to military actions, and therefore this initiative deserves special respect.
If you are looking for a faithful friend who will fill your life with joy, please feel free to submit an application on adoption page. Let’s help homeless animals find a new loving family together!

Catalog and Product Card

According to the SEO technical requirements, we divided the catalog into products for dogs and cats for the convenience of using the store. In the product catalog, users of the online store can use advanced filters to find suitable food for their pets based on various parameters, clothing, or simply by brand.

The product card, depending on the type of product, has convenient description options. For example, for clothing, you can add the material composition, manufacturer information, and size chart, as well as a video tutorial on how to measure your pet. For food, you can add the ingredients.

Grooming Reservation Page

Nosbarbos has a grooming salon where our furry friends can enjoy real “woof-spa” treatments. We implemented a separate page for booking appointments at a convenient time, as practice shows that the waiting lists can be weeks long. Online booking allows for convenient scheduling and visiting the grooming salon when it is necessary for the pets.

Banner Block and Interactive Sections

To stimulate additional sales, we implemented the ability to customize the insertion of banner blocks, which are adaptive for both desktop and mobile devices.

Additionally, in the catalog, on the main page, we implemented stylish blocks with smooth animations for different product categories for various types of pets – dogs, cats, rodents, and birds.

Order Confirmation and Checkout

We made the checkout process as user-friendly as possible—just 3 steps and the order is done. For convenience, we added the option to choose a pickup point directly in Kyiv, selecting a convenient date and time. We also integrated payment systems and delivery services. To increase sales, we encourage store customers to add more items to their cart by showing them a special progress bar indicating how much more they need to spend to qualify for free delivery.


Our solutions for the online store for the pet store chain and grooming salon include:

  • Developed UI and UX design;
  • Store layout with smooth animations wherever titles are present;
  • Setup online payment and delivery options;
  • Added a Wishlist feature;
  • Implemented product import from files;
  • Enabled the insertion of additional banner blocks to stimulate additional product sales between the general product listings;
  • Ensured functionality and display of stylized elements;
  • Introduced multilingual support;
  • Implemented the ability to leave product reviews;
  • Enabled the insertion of additional SEO blocks.

As a result of our work, we created a unique, dynamic, and user-friendly online pet store, Nosbarbos. This store not only offers a wide range of high-quality pet products but also features a unique design that sets it apart from other similar resources and highlights the social responsibility of the entire Nosbarbos team.

Nosbarbos successfully combines online sales with offline networks of physical stores, providing convenience for customers and promoting business growth. Overall, this project is an interesting example of a modern and fresh approach to creating online stores, where all aspects are considered to ensure high-quality customer service and support for important social initiatives.

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