A Ukrainian company makes military gear. We've partnered with Velmet for over 8 years, bringing new ideas to their eCommerce. Now, we've shifted the online store on CMS OpenCart to a mobile app.

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About the project

Development of a cross-platform mobile application for both iOS and Android to sell military products.

Military equipment from a Ukrainian manufacturer

Velmet is a highly reputable military equipment manufacturer with extensive experience. We’ve partnered with them for 8 years. In that time, we’ve created one-page sites and upgraded their online stores, like the redesign for Velmet (see case study here). We’ve also developed online stores for their HOFNER sub-brand, among other new business ideas of the Client.

Tasks of the Velmet mobile app

The main goal of this project was to move the existing design and content from the Velmet online store, which was built on OpenCart CMS, to a new mobile application for both iOS and Android.

MVP version for a mobile application

We’ve created a basic version (MVP) of the mobile app for military trading, keeping it simple and meeting the client’s tight deadlines. 

The MVP includes screens for welcoming users, the main page, product catalogs, product details, discounted products, product descriptions, guest checkout, logged-in checkout, payment success/failure screens, personal account management, and a UI kit.

Application design and functionality

The mobile app is primarily designed for military personnel. Its key functions include easy purchasing of military equipment, ensuring order security and privacy of information, and offering personalized discounts for in-store shopping.

We seamlessly integrated the current minimalistic design of the client’s e-commerce site on OpenCart into the mobile app, resulting in a modern and practical mobile shopping experience.

Update: The app provides detailed product descriptions and features on individual screens, allowing users to thoroughly research products before buying. Ratings and reviews on product cards aid in making informed purchasing decisions. An integrated payment and delivery system ensures reliability and convenience in every transaction.

Buyer categories and personalized discounts

We’ve developed a personal user account in the mobile app. Each account comes with a special barcode that gives customers their own discounts. This barcode can be scanned in offline stores. Different promotional offers are made for different types of buyers, so the prices and deals in the app change based on who’s logged in. Additionally, the mobile app considers each registered user’s individual preferences and needs. It provides tailored recommendations based on their style, size, and functional requirements, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

Challenge of the Velmet project

In this project, our main challenge was to maintain Velmet’s corporate style and its eCommerce design from OpenCart while updating and adjusting it for mobile commerce.

Our designer promptly migrated the website’s design to the wireframes of the application. Additionally, the team completed work on the user’s personal account for the mobile app.

Solutions for Velmet

We’ve developed a user-friendly mobile app tailored to the needs of military ammunition trading.

  • Adapted and designed the mobile app, ensuring it aligns with Velmet.ua corporate style and existing online store design.
  • Organized a wide range of military equipment into clear catalogs.
  • Transitioned eCommerce from OpenCart to mobile commerce, maintaining all information up-to-date.
  • Integrated seamlessly with Velmet’s customer base in 1C.
  • Enabled users to verify their personal accounts to access personalized discounts and a unique barcode for offline store purchases.
  • Provided convenient authorization through Google or Apple ID.
  • Enabled one-click payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Integrated the Portmone service for modern online transactions.
  • Incorporated the Nova Poshta delivery system into the app for seamless shipping.
  • Developed the MVP version of the mobile app within a short timeframe.
  • Implemented a cross-platform mobile app solution for iOS and Android using React Native technology.

We’ve developed mobile commerce, enabling the easy selection and purchase of military equipment from a Ukrainian manufacturer within defined parameters. Our MVP app has even reached the TOP 100 in the Purchases category on the App Store.

Support the Ukrainian manufacturer and equip yourself with the highest quality military gear!

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