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Custom Content Management System (CMS) Development for the Building Company Websites

Date: 12 Jun 2017



Our client is a building company. In order to advertise and sell new construction, they design an individual website for every project they develop.


  • To develop a universal content management system that can be integrated with any website of the client.
  • To design a user-friendly interface of the admin dashboard so that a manager with no programming skills can easily create and edit the content.


As the building company works on different projects, they need different websites. We had to complete a challenging task of developing a universal CMS that would meet current customer needs and could be used to build the websites for future projects

It was also necessary to take into account the possibility of expanding the CMS. We had to simplify the process of making changes to the content management system so that it was the use of ready-made elements, not programming from scratch.

Головна сторінка сайту


Development of a technical specification

A custom non-typical product can’t be built without the technical requirements. We analyzed the functionality of the previous websites of the client and considered their current preferences to write the specs for the CMS development from scratch. We completed the document which described the logic of the future CMS, as well as the structure of an admin dashboard.

An admin dashboard prototype development

We’ve built a prototype of the admin dashboard so the client could test its interface. It was also important to visualize the structure of the future admin panel to make sure that nothing was missing.


Development technologies

To be able to solve the tasks in the most effective way, we used the Yii2 PHP framework. This framework is a great solution for large-scale projects such as custom admin dashboards development.

Логотип PHP PHP
Логотип YI2 Yii2

Other features of the product

1 Ability to edit the architecture of the website

Together with the client, we approved the structure of the administrative dashboard tailored to certain functionality of the website. But we also took into consideration that new sections might appear. Website sections can be added, moved or removed right in the admin dashboard. Also, developers can use the elements we have developed to expand the admin panel in the future.

2 Files upload fields

In the admin dashboard, documents of different types (top banners, real estate photos, diplomas, text documents, etc.) can be added and removed easily.

Admin dashboard

3 Ability to create hierarchical lists, for example, when creating a structure of the catalog


4 Ability to handle website in three languages

Оформлення замовлення

5 Ability to enable/disable multilinguality

6 Ability to create banner sliders

Company logo, links to company social network business pages and webcams, contact information etc. can be managed in the dashboard easily.

7 Ability to edit header and footer of the website


The admin dashboard contains mandatory SEO fields: Title, Description, and others.


We have created a content management system that can be used to build an unlimited number of websites. Since at this stage our client will be changing only the interface designs and not the structure of the web pages, the admin dashboard is tailored to a certain architecture. However, in our CMS, we provided a huge amount of elements, for example, text editor, file upload fields which can be used by the future developers to change or expand the admin panel without much effort.

Now our CMS successfully runs our client's real estate websites.

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