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About the project

Custom Content Management System (CMS) Development for the Building Company Websites.




Our client is a builder company. For each project it creates a business card site dedicated to a separate residential complex.

Development time
250+ часов
Java Script , CSS3 , HTML 5 ,
Sketch , YII 2.0
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  • development of a universal CMS for the developer’s business card sites, through which you can manage the content of the resource, regardless of design;
  • development of a convenient interface of the administrative panel so that the manager can easily fill the site without special technical skills.
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  • site design was created individually for each residential complex. We had to develop a versatile CMS that would meet the customer’s needs and could be integrated with any design;
  • it was also necessary to envisage the extension of the administrative panel in the future. Our main task was to make the process of making changes to the administrative panel to be constructed from ready made elements.
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  • technical specification. Since it is a question of developing a custom (atypical) solution, writing a technical task is a must. We analyzed the functionality of the active sites of the developer, took into account the wishes of the Client, as well as the requirements for the content management system – and based on this we described the structure of the future administrative panel and the logic of CMS;
  • administrative prototype development. We have developed a prototype to approve with the Client the appearance of the administrative panel. The structure of the future admin was also worth visualizing to make sure that all the important elements were in place.
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Thus, we have created a content management system that can be integrated with an unlimited number of sites. At CMS, we have envisioned a large number of elements: text editors, file upload fields that will allow future developers to modify and extend the admin panel. CMS is now successfully used for our Client’s real estate sales sites!


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