A team from Denver, USA is crafting an innovative spa experience. They have the "Oakwell Beer Spa" along with the "Oakwell Cosmetics" brand – a range of natural beer-infused cosmetics, offering a fresh approach to skincare and haircare.

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About the project

A Shopify online store for natural cosmetics in collaboration with the design agency “League Design Agency”.

Tasks of the project

  • develop an online store tailored to a client with US-based physical stores,
  • create an online store with the idea of a “beer therapy” emphasizing natural and accessible self-care products,
  • choose Shopify as the eCommerce solution for the American market,
  • implement a custom solution to enhance the Shopify account functionality,
  • do the layout of pages (designed by the design agency “League Design Agency”),
  • do the Shopify integration with the online store.

Product catalog and categories

The “Oakwell Cosmetics” online store features diverse collections, including “Shop All”, hair care, scincare, accessories, and gift boxes. Users can conveniently filter collections based on “Best sellers”, price, and name. Additionally, various grid options provide flexibility in viewing the assortment on the page, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Product card

Hovering over a product card in the collection triggers an automatic enlargement of the product photo, creating a subtle 3D effect for the user’s engagement. Within the card, informative blocks include details on “Key Ingredients,” “How to use,” “Pairs Well With,” FAQs, customer reviews, and a “You may slso like” section. Additionally, customers have the option to make purchases with a specified frequency by registering a subscription to the product. These features collectively enhance the user experience and streamline the decision-making process during the purchase journey.

Challenges we faced

The “Oakwell Cosmetics” retail line of natural, beer-infused cosmetic products and other unique items is designed to help people create a therapeutic at-home spa day. Also, they ship nationwide in the United States. We provided tailored solutions for the American eCommerce market due to variations in delivery policies across states.

Responding to the client’s specific request, we developed a custom application for the “Oakwell Cosmetics” Shopify account. Our team oversaw the entire process, from technical task development to communication/approval process with Shopify support.

About us page

Sharing the brand history is a crucial element for an online store, particularly when your brand boasts a unique and innovative concept, as is the case with our client “Oakwell Cosmetics.” The “About Us” page incorporates dynamic elements, including “live” photos and animations, a video block, and an interactive map showcasing the global journey in “an adventure across the world to search for the perfect business idea”. This immersive approach adds depth to the brand narrative, engaging visitors to enhance their connection to the “Oakwell Cosmetics” story.

Layout and Shopify integration with the online store

CMS Shopify allows for the quick and efficient integration of site design with functionality. We build, design, and integrate themes/layouts into a Shopify online store. You don’t need to use any third-party services to sell with Shopify. This means that your shop will be hosted on Shopify’s servers, and you’ll use their checkout process. It is SEO-friendly and provides more customization and opportunities for expanding your store. For more details about Shopify development and integrations, click here.

Solutions for Oakwell online store

We teamed up with the “League Design Agency” to work on the online store.

  • Seamlessly integrated the site’s design with the Shopify platform.
  • The site’s layout has been enhanced with animations, adding dynamic and engaging elements that improve the user experience.
  • Tailored eCommerce configurations were implemented for the US market.
  • Created distinct menu layouts for desktop and mobile versions of the site. This ensures that the menu is responsive and user-friendly across different devices.
  • We launched a “Beer therapy” online store on Shopify that will promote natural self-care products.
  • Addressing individual needs, we developed a custom application for the client within the Shopify account.

The Oakwell brand’s online store is developed to provide a unique self-care experience through its distinctive beer therapy products. Now in the online world of commerce, their offerings not only contribute to building brand awareness with the site’s unique design but also ensure the easiest shopping experience, powered by Shopify, to foster the brand’s growth.

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