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For decades, a small family dairy farm and creamery has produced premium milk and handcrafted age artisan cheese in Midway, Utah. Today, consumers, retailers and chefs worldwide can experience the pure goodness of artisan cheese with the new online store.

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About the project

Online store for dairy farmers & artisan cheese makers: redesign and migration from WordPress to Shopify.

Tasks of the project

  • develop an online store tailored to a client with a US-based physical farm,
  • design the online store for an award-winning cheese from scratch,
  • choose Shopify as the eCommerce solution for the smooth and effective migration from out-of-date site,
  • find the calendar solution for the events page,
  • setting payment and delivery options in Shopify,
  • do the WordPress to Shopify migration,
  • do the layout of pages,
  • do the Shopify integration with the online store.

Collections, categories and assortment

Developing an online store for the award-winning artificial cheese, our goal was to ensure a seamless and engaging shopping experience. We organized distinct collections, making navigation intuitive for users. Each collection offers a “touchpoint” for customers: cheese assortment, events, story, FAQ, and contact us page.

On the cheese assortment page, we introduced specific categories such as “Aged Farmstead Cheddar”, “Jam”, and “Cheese Boxes” to cater to varied tastes. Each category is a curated selection offering a unique dairy farm experience. Highlighting award-winning cheeses, we created an ability for users to filter and explore these distinguished products.


We seamlessly integrated events as products within the online store’s categories, leveraging the Calendar app from the Shopify App Store. Users can effortlessly choose their preferred event, select the desired pass type and location, pick a suitable date, and seamlessly complete the order during checkout. The farm is located in Midway, Utah and is open daily except for Sundays.

Adaptive design

Adaptive design is important because it makes sure the online store works well on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. This keeps users happy and helps the site show up better on Google because it likes mobile-friendly sites. So, it’s a big part of modern web design, making the site reach more people and keeping them engaged.


A well-designed checkout process is crucial for an online store as it directly impacts the customer’s overall shopping experience and can significantly influence conversion rates. Shopify’s checkout stands out as one of the best due to its seamless and user-friendly design. The simplicity and intuitiveness of Shopify’s checkout process contribute to a smooth transaction flow, making it easy for customers to complete their purchases.

Solutions for Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

  • We developed an online store for the award-winning cheese from a beautiful mountain dairy farm.
  • We made a modern eCommerce design for the dairy farm and creamery providing users with a memorable experience on the Heber Valley Artisan Cheese website.
  • We chose Shopify as the eCommerce solution for the smooth and effective migration from out-of-date site.
  • We did the WordPress to Shopify migration.
  • We did the layout of pages.
  • We did the Shopify integration with the online store.
  • We found and installed the Shopify app as the solution for booking event passes.
  • We customized category views and filters for cheese products.
  • We configured payment and delivery options in the Shopify store.

With the new online store, exploring Heber Valley Artisan Cheese products or gift baskets is now easier and more enjoyable, and you can have them shipped worldwide!

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