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About the project

Development of a public Shopify app for SendPulse, one of the most popular email marketing services.

Tasks of the project

Every day, thousands of new users join SendPulse, a leading email marketing platform. Now, SendPulse is entering the Shopify market to meet the specific needs of merchants, particularly in email automation. Alongside email marketing, SendPulse offers a full set of marketing tools. By creating an app for the Shopify App Store, the company aims to expand its reach and scale.

Here are the tasks our team managed:

  • develop a public Shopify app from scratch,
  • create the necessary functionality and step-by-step logic for the application,
  • integrate SendPulse’s marketing tools into the Shopify app,
  • implement the logic for different subscription plans,
  • publish the application on the Shopify App Store,
  • provide ongoing support and updates for the Shopify app.


Shopify has strict guidelines and requirements for apps listed on their platform to ensure quality, security, and compatibility. Also, submitting an app to the Shopify App Store involves providing detailed documentation and undergoing a review process. 

With our client, we faced a situation where plan subscription and payment processing were supposed to happen on their website. The app is free, but it offers Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscription plans, including options for full access to features from SendPulse. It made sense to handle charges on the company’s website. However, we had to route these processes through the Shopify platform, leading to unexpected revisions for both developers and the client.

To learn about all the pitfalls of the Shopify app development process and how we resolved them,  check the article here.

New email marketing features for eCommerce with Shopify

SendPulse Email, SMS & Pop-ups is a great solution for Shopify merchants who seek alternatives to email marketing apps like Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

Moreover, now loyal SendPulse clients can benefit from automatic newsletter connections directly to the Shopify platform. This opens up more sales opportunities with a single marketing platform. Plus, knowing there’s a Shopify app available supports a comprehensive eCommerce strategy.

  • We have developed a public Shopify app to assist merchants in automating their marketing efforts.
  • We have integrated into the Shopify app 130+ templates for emails and SMS, as well as lists of email and phone capture pop-ups, video pop-ups, exit pop-ups, and signup forms, along with other marketing tools designed by SendPulse.
  • The app was developed not only for new users but also to build long-lasting relationships with SendPulse’s loyal customers.
  • We progressed through all essential statuses such as Submitted, Draft, In Review, and Live for the Shopify App.

It was a great collaborative project work with the SendPulse team. Now, the developed app, “SendPulse’s Email, SMS & Pop-ups”, will assist merchants in automating their marketing efforts and fostering long-lasting relationships with customers.

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