Di Helen

A Ukrainian clothing brand, established in 2014, specializes in crafting women's underwear, panties, swimwear, and pajamas. As the brand steps into the Polish market and extends its reach in the Ukrainian eCommerce market, there's a client request: develop a brand-new website with a unique design tailored for these two markets.

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About the project

Turnkey development of an online store for women’s underwear using CMS OpenCart. Division of eCommerce into subdomains for UA and PL.

Tasks of the project

  • design an online store that caters to the needs of the clothing and accessories industry,
  • showcase a diverse range of products and craft a clear interface that aligns with modern eCommerce trends,
  • implement the layout and integration within CMS OpenCart, 
  • configure and implement eCommerce functionality,
  • ensure seamless integration with inventory management, payment, and delivery systems,
  • adapt the new design for mobile devices while preserving user-friendly functionality.

Challenges of this project

It was essential to develop a distinctive design for a women’s underwear store, placing a focus on high-quality, vibrant photos of models and products, accompanied by detailed descriptions and characteristics.

eCommerce for two markets: Ukraine and Poland

Creating online stores with different domains and unique designs for two eCommerce markets is worth considering if the habits and profiles of your target audience differ between these markets. Having individual sites will enable you to tailor marketing strategies and SEO optimization more precisely for each market. This approach is particularly beneficial if there are significant variations in payment systems or legal requirements between the two countries.

On the other hand, implementing a multilingual site for different markets may present technical challenges that could potentially impact performance and page loading speed. It’s crucial to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages to determine the most suitable approach for your specific business requirements.

Catalog and product card

The online store catalog features a well-organized hierarchical structure of categories and a user-friendly navigation menu for effortless searching. Product filtering is available based on various characteristics such as price, size, discount, availability, product type, colour, etc. Sorting options include rating, new arrivals, price, and alphabetical order.

The product card presents a clear and appealing product title, along with a convenient image gallery that can be scrolled separately from the static block displaying the main product characteristics. The photo block includes a zoom feature for a detailed view. Two purchase buttons, “Add to Cart” and “Buy in 1 Click,” are accessible. Card sections comprising description, characteristics, delivery and payment information, and customer reviews contribute to building trust and loyalty with potential buyers. Towards the bottom of the page, a slider featuring “Similar Products” and “You Have Looked Before” aims to engage users and encourage purchases.


The process of placing an order in an online store should be straightforward and user-friendly. The checkout process is streamlined, comprising a maximum of three steps, where the buyer provides personal data for payment and delivery. Additionally, there is an option to save personal information for the swift processing of future orders and easy authorization within the user account.

Adaptive design

Adaptive design is important because it makes sure the online store works well on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. This keeps users happy and helps the site show up better on Google because it likes mobile-friendly sites. So, it’s a big part of modern web design, making the site reach more people and keeping them engaged.

Solutions for Di Helen

  • We implemented an online store on CMS OpenCart, selecting this platform for its ability to handle heavy loads, aligning perfectly with our client’s requirements. 
  • The site displays a diverse range of women’s underwear products and features a clear interface in line with modern e-commerce trends.
  • A special integration with 1C was established, facilitating the creation of products with related options such as colour, size (two types), and additional components. We configured the system to allow the addition of products, the customization of configurations on the site, and the seamless transfer of data to the 1C accounting system, including all associated options and components. For instance, a single product may consist of a set of two units, such as a bodice and panties. Users have the option to purchase these units separately within the same product card.
  • Throughout the project, we incorporated additional client requests, including worldwide delivery functionality and the implementation of various promotional offers such as discounts, sales, 2+1 deals, free delivery, and promotional codes.
  • Furthermore, we integrated and configured the “Related Options” module, linking all product options to a set of characteristics. Each characteristic is customizable with its own price, size, and stock quantity.

In this project, we successfully implemented modern design solutions for the online store, enhancing our Client’s experience in managing the site with the help of the user-friendly OpenCart content management system.

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