Steven Manolakis

Steven Stanley Manolakis is an ethereal aerial abstract photographer. His fine art world of multi-award-winning landscape photography is now available in the online store.

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About the project

A Shopify online store for photography in collaboration with the design agency “League Design Agency”.

Tasks of the project

  • develop an online store with fine art landscape prints for sale,
  • choose Shopify as the eCommerce solution for the Australian and worldwide market,
  • create a Shopify theme according to the provided design,
  • create different templates for collections depending on the quantity of works,
  • do the layout of pages (designed by the design agency “League Design Agency”),
  • do the Shopify integration with the online store,
  • implement smooth scroll animations,
  • implement stylized elements around the screen,
  • realise the parallax scrolling effect of images and cards,
  • choose and integrate Shopify apps for search, wishlist, cart features.

Collections page

This page organizes similar products based on specific criteria like product type, release, or theme, or any other relevant characteristic. We offer Limited Edition, Open Edition, and New Releases categories. Each collection can have its unique design, customized for showcasing different editions of photography prints for sale or exhibition. The Collections page features a horizontal scroll for easy browsing.

Product card

It’s the page showcasing key details of the photography print: name, price, collection, edition, signature by Steven, printing, framing, shipping, payment, and custom details. The picture remains static while product info can be scrolled on the right side of the screen. Users can optionally select frame sizes and canvas types, with these options listed in a dropdown menu. The framing types automatically convert between millimetres and inches based on user preferences.

Challenges of the project

This project features intricate and captivating animations. For instance, a helicopter animation serves as a preloader upon loading the desktop version of the online store and seamlessly moves downwards and attaches to site elements and photo frames while scrolling. Additionally, videos on the site adjust their style according to the width of the user’s screen. On the About page, a section displaying awards dynamically adds and filters animated elements on hover, showcasing specific nominations or award badges.


In a Shopify online store for photography prints, a Blog serves as a valuable platform for sharing information about photography, art, and related topics. It enables photographers to share the stories behind their prints, fostering a connection with the audience and providing deeper insight into the art. A Blog is a powerful tool for storytelling, education, improving SEO, engaging with the audience, and promoting the store further.

Layout and Shopify integration with the online store

CMS Shopify allows for the quick and efficient integration of site design with functionality. We build, design, and integrate themes/layouts into a Shopify online store. You don’t need to use any third-party services to sell with Shopify. This means that your shop will be hosted on Shopify’s servers, and you’ll use their checkout process. It is SEO-friendly and provides more customization and opportunities for expanding your store. For more details about Shopify development and integrations, click here.

Solutions for multi-award-winning landscape photography website

We collaborated with the “League Design Agency” to develop the online store’s design and functionality.

  • Seamlessly integrated the site’s design with the Shopify platform.
  • Enhanced the site’s layout with various animations to create dynamic and engaging elements, improving the user experience.
  • Integrated the Shopify app Wishlist Plus for Wishlist functionality.
  • Integrated the Dcart app for optimizing the cart page and increasing conversions.
  • Implemented the Blog as a page with categories and textual articles.
  • Ensured functionality and display of stylized elements.
  • Introduced multi-currency support on the site.
  • Enabled the option to switch between inches and millimeters on the product card. This conversion is automated, and the admin panel only accepts length measurements in millimeters.
  • Successfully launched the “STEVEN STANLEY MANOLAKIS” online store on Shopify, showcasing the artist Manolakis’ extraordinary aerial perspectives of Australia.

As a result, we’ve created a dynamic and impressive online store offering high-quality and distinctive photography prints from a multi-awarding-winning fine art aerial landscape photographer.

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