Vatsak - not only a manufacturer but also the owner of the largest chain of confectionery stores that tested over the years. Vatsak has unique recipes and manufactures products for stores and for orders.

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About the project

Integration on OpenCart CMS with layout, additional widgets, and Seo settings. Collaboration with Vintage Studio.


  • integration on CMS OpenCart
  • adaptive layout and animations
  • ability to batch add and edit products
  • integration with 1C
  • Liqpay and Google maps
  • Binotel widget
  • Seo settings

Batch Editor module

With the Batch Editor module much easier to manage products in the online store, the module facilitates the work using mass editing and adding information from the administrator’s page.

Liqpay, Google maps and Binotel widget

Site has the Liqpay payment system, which allows customers to choose a convenient payment option, and also automatically pulls keys according to the choice of city and prices. On the site is a separate page with Google maps functionality, which provides the possibility of laying routes to shops.

The Binotel widget offers the client to call back in 30 seconds and automatically connects the manager with him. Widget placed at the bottom of the screen unobtrusively provides this service and keeps clients loyal.

Seo settings

Usually, the more internet pages are in a specific field, the higher must be effort invested in SEO, because it is an effective tool for promotion on the Internet, which helps to occupy the top places in Google’s output, thereby expanding the target audience, increasing the popularity of the brand, and attracting high-quality traffic to the site and increase the number of applications and sales.

As a result, we have convenient and ready-to-use online store of sweets, which forces the client to linger on the pages and use the site for all questions that arise when he chooses products.

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