A paper cup manufacturer is introducing a new product to the market: a disposable cup with a built-in tea filter called the "T-Cup".

T-Cup - logo

About the project

Full-service for promotional website: analysis, concept, text content, design, 3D models, landing page development, and SEO.

3D elements

During the briefing, the client pointed out: “You need to present the product well to make a wow effect. Explain what it is and how to use it, as well as how to find us.”

After reviewing references, ideas, and mood boards with animated solutions, we settled on a concept involving 3D objects to deliver the desired “wow” effect, as requested by the client.

The cup serves as a central element within our product lineup, featuring prominently across several sections of our landing screens. The primary 3D model smoothly rotates 360 degrees, expanding upon the “How does it work?” screen, and provides details on the cup’s ingredients, thus clarifying its nature. Additionally, we’ve incorporated supplementary 3D elements for the initial screen, such as fruits and teacups with a parallax effect.

These 3D models have been developed with our partners at marevo.vision.

Creating content for flavours range

The product has multiple flavour variations, so we needed to select a primary flavour. This flavour was chosen as “Saucep Green Tea” and served as the foundation for the 3D model. Currently, there are 13 flavours available in the T-Cup product line, and we have thoroughly researched and prepared presentation descriptions for each screen, showcasing the entire range of teas.

Tasks of the T-Cup project

  • Analyze product geographics, variety, and value.
  • Craft compelling copy and key messages for various screens and landing sections.
  • Highlight the product’s benefits for B2B clients from an end-user perspective.
  • Develop a website design that captivates with a “wow effect.”
  • Choose a style for animated elements.
  • Implement smooth scroll animations.
  • Incorporate parallax scrolling effects.
  • Create 3D models and effects.
  • Produce promotional video materials for the client.
  • Ensure high-quality functionality on both desktop and mobile versions of the promo site.

Step-by-step video instruction

We’ve successfully addressed the video production for the client. Collaborating with Alex Muravskyi to create the “How to prepare your T-Cup?” block, which features step-by-step preparation descriptions supported by video, is an excellent way to enhance the user experience. The horizontal scroll adds a touch of magic and interactivity to the product presentation.

Parallax effect

Parallax is a captivating visual technique where objects, like fruits, appear to scatter as you scroll down a webpage. This effect involves a vertical shift, creating an additional layer of movement for the page elements, resulting in a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Awwwards Honorable Mention

The T-Cup site has received an Honorable Mention from “awwwards,” which once again confirms the quality of the products we offer in the market. Additionally, we were awarded the “Element of the Day” for the parallax effect.

Our journey with a Ukrainian brand of innovative tea in a cup led to the birth of a promotional site, crafted from scratch with a dash of marketing brilliance and design magic. 

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