How to start a Shopify store?

How to start a Shopify store?

Our team has been “acquaintanced” business owners with e-commerce for 13 years already. We have tested almost all possible platforms for creating online stores and highlighted certain features that now, in 2022, can tell you the formula for success in creating an online store. First, it is a question of how to start an online store with a CMS. Today, a CMS must not only serve itself as a catalog of products and a tool for online payments. A modern e-commerce platform serves as a hub for managing your business processes. It can take over all control processes, from inventory to marketing, giving you a wide range of support tools you need to sell online and connect with customers.

Shopify as an e-commerce platform

So for building effective sites. we use the Shopify platform.

Today, Shopify is the best user-friendly eCommerce builder. It covers all continents and e-commerce markets, so it is convenient and reliable to use.  Shopify is a SaaS platform, which means that you don’t have to spend months creating a ready-made online store, writing a separate technical task, thinking through a design, choosing a web host for hosting – all this has already been done by Shopify as a “from the box” solution, and you can manage a Shopify store directly in the browser.

To understand the popularity of Shopify – just look at the logos of brands that use this platform.

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Do you recognize at least one? These are companies with marketing budgets of millions of dollars, which could hire a staff of programmers and develop an online store. But they chose Shopify, as we do.

How to use Shopify?

A Shopify store allows setting up an online store and selling the products as quickly as possible. Also, it is always good with external integrations. Besides, Shopify has a lot of built-in integrations, it’s e-commerce with Google Analytics, integration with Facebook, and other systems. There is nothing superfluous in Shopify that could distract from what it was intended for – for sales. Very rarely it can be used as a corporate site, for example, by changing the design and hiding the Cart functionality. Or vice versa, as a headless solution. How to create a headless online store, read here.

How to create a Shopify store?

As e-commerce experts, we offer the following steps when creating an online store:

1. Needs analysis

We determine your target audience and select Shopify functionality according to the analysis.

2. Concept

We create wireframes, and layouts and discuss with you the product categories and structure of the online store.

3. Design

We will advise you on choosing a Shopify theme and, if necessary, reprogram the desired theme individually.

4. Adaptability

A separate criterion of our development is the responsive design.

5. Development

We create a Shopify store, test and optimize it to search network standards.

6. Shopify integrations

We develop and connect the interface of the Shopify store to all the necessary systems and service providers. Direct connection to markets (e.g. eBay, Amazon) or to social networks, payment, and delivery systems.

How to start an online store on Shopify?

When we create a Shopify store and set it up before entering the e-commerce market, so be ready to access “Tesla” in the world of cars. You just sit down and move into the world of sales, scaling your range of goods and services

  • Take care of information about taxes and shipping costs.
  • Review Shopify’s sales policy. (which products can be sold and which are prohibited).
  • Shopify as a SaaS platform requires payment for access to it. The first 14 days are free, then you need to choose a tariff plan. The Shopify website has a comparison table that describes the differences between the functionalities of the tariffs.

Shopify store: rates

Also, Shopify has two tariff plans – Shopify Lite with rather limited functionality and Shopify Plus, which costs from $ 2,000 per month. The main difference between the last one and the others is the ability to customize the checkout at the stages of ordering. It is impossible to do this at other tariffs. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze them and choose the tariff plan that suits your store criteria. Also, Shopify takes its own % per transaction, and the more expensive the rate, the lower this %.

With a complete set of stages of online store development on Shopify, we can make communication easier for both your brand and the person who buys your product.

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