“Seven steli” is one of the best companies in the development and installation of stretch ceilings. The company has been on the market for more than 7 years. Their works are high-quality and stylish. Besides, they work with an individual approach to customer and in the shortest possible time.

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About the project

This business card website was redesigned to meet the needs of the customer and to present their product – stretch ceilings. It was inportant to show standards and service of the company as well.


  • develop a fresh and adaptive design of the catalogue site;
  • keep the corporate identity of the client and their brand style;
  • create an easy-to-use site and take into account Customer’s preferences;
  • implement mobile-first;
  • conduct internal testing.

How to make an order?

Our main task is to provide the customer of “7Stelli” with transparent and comprehensive information about the process of ordering the ceiling and warranty obligations. The ultimate goal of this path is to lead to a form of feedback.


Our client provides not only development and installation of stretch ceilings. They also sell lighting, do photo printing and have ready-made solutions for merch ptoduction. So, with the catalog of the main service, we added additional sections.

The fact that the client already has their own very broad corporate identity led us to a special approach to this project. Also, “Seven steli” made a video specifically for the site, that shows the whole process of their work – from the preparation of sheets to its installation. We put this video to the main screen of the site.

It was important to build trust with the company with the help of their own portfolio and videos.

Portfolio and About us

The portfolio page shows the best works of the brand, divided by ceiling types. The brand also provides photo printing services for wallpaper and lighting. The About Us page introduces potential customers to the team, shows the benefits of working and should build additional trust in the brand, because people trust people.


Blog articles can not only provide useful information but also directly affect the promotion of the resource in search networks. “7Stelli” actively developed the blog on the previous site, so the task of our team was not just to create a new design for article pages, but also to save the URLs for each article that was written and published before the redesign.

LED Lighting for sale

We have developed a complete catalog and product card with prices for the lighting section, so that the customer can view and choose the lighting option which will be in the future ceiling.

For dealers

The pages are designed for the company’s partners, and demonstrate the benefits of the dealer program and training. Here is a list of training videos, types of branded products, help in the advertising campaign and information about the materials used in the work.


  • We created visually pleasant, stylish and practical design of the site.
  • We took into account the branding of the company and we highlighted it by a modern design.
  • We redesigned and included in the site’s development two areas of customer work: ceilings and lighting + cooperation with dealers.
  • Was created a clear structure of the catalog. We divided it into categories with understandable titles.
  • We added videos which integrate from YouTube.
  • We implemented the ability to get feedback easily and quickly using the application form or contact block.
  • Was provided a multilingualism (Ukrainian, Russian languages).


As a result, we have created a stylish and understandable site for the company which focused on stretch ceilings. Considering the company’s branding, we were able to show and emphasize the eye-catching, modern and high quality product and company’s service.

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