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We-art design studio

Maksymchuk Olena, owner of a design studio “We-art”. The team of professionals, who have been creating and visualizing clients' space in Ukraine and abroad for 15 years.

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About the project

The second consecutive redesign of a website for the interior design studio “We-art”.

Super-stylish project that inspires and gives new ideas, which was made with creative and positive people.

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  • change the previous web-design in accordance with the latest trends of design;
  • update company information and poste new video-materials;
  • keep and convey the corporate identity of the client.



We-art design studio double-picture 1
We-art design studio double-picture 2


  • create the simpliest and the most concise design;
  • add new high-quality videos and video-presentation about the company, that client has prepared specifically for the redesign of the project;
  • adapt the new design to mobile devices and keep the convenience of functionality;
  • add new and sort existing projects (almost 200 objects in total) into the portfolio so they will be able to form a single composition in a way that relates to seeing.


  • The new design of the main pages was painted with photo- and video-materials, including models of adaptives.
  • Implement a modern and concise design with a convenient menu and light animations.
  • Adjusted the adapter according to the new design.
  • We optimized the site for search systems towards modern SEO-standards.
  • We have tested the project after the implementation of changes.


Regarding technical solutions and the history of the client’s website you can see in the case here.

The result of our cooperation with “We-art” is a modern and practical catalog, where new, trendy and concise design has integrated into existing functionality.

Why you needn’t afraid of redesign and how to organize this process in the best way – we talked in our previous article.