A.S. Laboratory - a specialist in skin care selection, an official distributor of Bravura in Ukraine.

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About the project

A.S.Laboratory – professional skin care.


  • create a modern and convenient online store;
  • implementation of adaptive design;
  • enabling the client to get the most useful information,
  • simple form of registration for a consultation,
  • easy navigation and easy search for contacts.
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  • The customer needs an online store that would be convenient both in terms of administration and in terms of use for customers;
  • Preserve the style and soul of the brand,
  • Provide easy access to care information
  • Combine blog and online store


  • We chose CMS OpenCart, which is best suited for creating online stores. All its tools and modules are sharpened for e-commerce. For customers in practice, this means – easy search, easy navigation. For managers – easy management of an unlimited number of goods, customers and orders. This CMS allows (if necessary) – to expand the functionality.
  • Structured the catalog of goods, dividing it into product groups with clear names.
  • The product card was created in a simple and not overloaded with text, focused on speeding up the purchase process.
  • Implemented multilingualism (Ukrainian, Russian languages).
  • Created a convenient blog and a simple and clear form of registration for the consultation.

So, as a result, we got a practical, concise resource with a soul and your own style for choosing the right skin care!

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