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Multifunctional online store of goods for printing on textiles, metals, wood, as well as a variety of consumables.


The Prokompakt company is an official distributor of specialized equipment for printing on various surfaces.

Development time
220+ hours
4 developers
Opencart , Sketch
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  • Develop a modern and responsive website design.
  • Implement layout and integration into CMS OpenCart.
  • Customize the product for the needs of the client and implement additional functionality on the site.
  • Conduct internal testing and basic optimization of the online store for the requirements of search engines.
  • Flexible configuration of extended e-commerce (Google Analytics Enchanced eCommerce).
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The client needs a special and at the same time easy-to-use online store. Which would fully meet the needs of retail and wholesale. And most importantly, it conveyed the special corporate identity of the brand.

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  • We chose CMS OpenCart, which is best suited for creating online stores with a wide range of products. All its tools and modules are geared towards e-commerce. In practice, this means for customers – easy search, easy navigation, purchase history and the ability to view the status of their own order. For managers – easy management of an unlimited number of products, customers and orders. This CMS allows (if necessary) – to expand the functionality.
  • We structured the product catalog, dividing it into product groups with clear names.
  • The product card was created simple but very informative to reflect all the technical characteristics.
  • We added a video to the product card for a more complete acquaintance with the presented products.
  • We added labels on the product card for promotions, discounts, sales – so that the client receives the most complete information.
  • Added geolocation (displaying the language and currency of the store depending on the client’s IP address) and product comparison (the functionality allows customers to compare similar machines or printers and choose the one that suits their needs best).
  • Implemented multilingualism (Ukrainian, Russian).
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Thus, as a result, we have a practical and convenient online store that effectively uses our customer to sell goods!

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