Our Client is "Bembi" company, which is engaged in retail and wholesale of children's clothing.

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About the project

Modern and functional online store for selling baby clothes.


  • create a modern and convenient online store;
  • implementation of adaptive design;
  • empowering retail and retail customers to track their purchases and payments in their office.

Product catalog

The main categories that user can choose already on the main page are the division of products for boys, girls and babies. The catalog is divided into new items, sales and bestsellers. Filtering products is available by season, type of clothing, size, color. User can sort the selected category of goods by price, rating, name, model and default. You can edit the catalog and change categories in the administration panel. There, our Client can both rename the categories and make changes to the content, meta description or tags, which will contribute to the SEO promotion of the online store.


  • Our Client needs an online store that is convenient both in terms of administration and in terms of use for customers;
  • the resource must have a customer loyalty system;
  • the customer loyalty system allows to give the buyer a discount – depending on the volume of goods paid for them.

Product card and checkout

The product card should provide the most detailed information about the product and encourage the buyer to make a purchase. There is an option to view the shopping cart via pop-up: after adding the selected product to the shopping cart, a pop-up window is shown with the option to continue shopping, or place an order without going to the shopping cart page. There is also a pop-up with the ability to make a purchase in 1 click. We divided the checkout into clear steps so that the buyer does not go astray when it is necessary to fill in the required fields when ordering a product. As a new customer, a person registers by making the first order, and you can also log in as a regular customer by logging in via social networks or e-mail.


  • we chose CMS OpenCart because this platform is great for creating a quality online store;
  • implemented a system of loyalty. Which allows to give the buyer a discount – depending on the volume of the product he paid. When displaying a product card, the buyer sees the current price of the product on the site, and by selecting the product in the basket – the discount available to him;
  • the Personal account displays the discount currently available to the buyer and the amount that should be paid for advancing the next bonus level;
  • added the Block “Buy with this item.” It is used in the card of the selected product model – to facilitate the choice of buyers.

Personal account

We developed a functionality for personal buyers account for a retail buyer and a wholesaler. In the cabinets, user can turn on/off the sections: Bookmarks, Order history, Bonus points, Return requests, Purchase history. Our Сlient can manage them from the administrative panel.

So, as a result, we got a modern and practical online store which is successfully used by our Client for selling goods!

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