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About the project

Redesign of online store of tactical and military equipment for a brand, manufacturer “Velmet.ua”.


"Velmet Ukraine" is a manufacturer that promotes to the Ukrainian market high-quality tactical equipment of the military, steel targets, protection elements. This is a military brand for professionals.

Development time
100+ hours
5 developers
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  • create a convenient service that meets the requirements of trade in military ammunition;
  • change the previous web-design in accordance with the latest trends of design;
  • show a wide range of army equipment and armor in sections with clear names;
  • update company information and poste new video-materials;
  • adapt the new design to mobile devices and keep the convenience of functionality.
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With the Ukrainian manufacturer of military products and agricultural machinery we have been cooperating for almost 5 years. During this time were implemented several landing pages for various business projects of the Customer and previous versions of the online store. The challenge in this case was to keep and convey the corporate identity of the Client and modernize the design of the online store in accordance with the latest trends in e-commerce web design.

It was necessary to add new and sort existing products so they will be able to form a single intuitive catalog. Also, we needed to style the internal pages and optimize the resource for the updated requirements of search engines.

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  • created a modern, simple, concise design;
  • introduced a convenient menu, product selection filter, blog, divided into articles by categories;
  • implemented a point banner: now it is enough to make a mark on the promo photo and the relevant products depicted on it will be automatically uploaded;
  • made it possible to purchase without registration on the site and sharing the goods in the social networks;
  • painted a new design of the main pages with photo materials, including models of adaptives;
  • integrated videos from the Customer’s YouTube channel;
  • adjusted the adapter according to the new design;
  • introduced multicurrency and multilingualism;
  • optimized the resource for updated search engine requirements and Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse tools;
  • tested the project after the implementation of changes.
Velmet night

As a result, we got a modern and practical online store where a new concise design integrated into existing functionality.

Why you do not need to be afraid of redesign and how best to organize this process – we talk in a video on our YouTube channel.

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