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Optimizing the loading speed of web pages on CMS Shopify and CMS WordPress

The information presented in this article will help you to understand and see in real cases CMS Shopify and CMS WordPress what is "web page loading speed", what it depends on, and what to improve it for.

How to sell cannabis online in Canada & USA

In this article, you will find the basic rules on how to legally sell cannabis online in Canada or the United States. We share the examples and our experience of developing an online store for the Canadian cannabis retailer "Dank". How to verify your buyer's legal age, how to establish non-burdensome rules when buying cannabis online, and legally sell cannabis in an online store? Read the article.

How to add products to Shopify?

Once you create an account and enter your store name, you can make your first sales in just a few clicks. Are you ready to sell products? Firstly, you should bring them into your online store! In this article, you’ll learn how to add products to Shopify, how to add products to collections on Shopify & how to add products to the Shopify page.

Shopify VS Shopify plus : should you upgrade to Plus plan?

An online store in 2022 must be built on a high-powered e-commerce platform that can provide you with numerous functions and a field to grow. Among the most world-known platforms out there, Shopify & Shopify Plus are two of the industry-leading e-commerce solutions. In a month or two, you can step into e-commerce with your own online store that will help you to start making sales immediately. And no coding is required, today we have robust e-commerce platforms which are all-in-one solutions.

How to remove shipping calculated at checkout Shopify?

If a Shopify store is offering free shipping and a merchant wants to provide the best user experience for customers, then it becomes important to remove the shipping calculated at checkout text in Shopify cart page. “Shipping calculated at checkout” message regards only about shipping rates option the merchant is using. But this small thing might be confusing for online store customers.

Customizing Shopify checkout pages

Need to customize your Shopify checkout page? But the platform Shopify does not allow us to make this. The power of code and the developer’s curiosity allow!;) Warning: this is just our attempt to find a solution to a non-trivial but very popular task for a Shopify store. This violates Shopify's policy, so we recommend you follow the rules and use ready-made themes with wider customization possibilities. Development of the app was a challenge we took and have found the solution.

How to start a Shopify store?

With the advent of cinema, the phenomenon of "what is beautiful is good" has entered our lives. At the subconscious level, we began to trust more people with attractive appearances and, as a result, endow them with good character traits. Something similar happened with a person at the first acquaintance with the online store.

Website Development — How to choose the CMS?

Website development requires a complete understanding by the Customer of the needs in its market. From developing pages for products and services to connecting payment systems and integrating with marketing tools. You need to explore what business tasks the site will solve, what technology or CMS will suit these needs, and whether you need additional functionality, integrations and custom developments to increase recognition and profit after the site is launched. We will discuss the stages of website development, the choice of a CMS according to the business needs for the website, and the differences between the most popular CMS (Shopify, OpenCart, WordPress) in this article. Reading time - 7 minutes;)

Mobile application development

Mobile applications are an incredibly big market, a new breath for business, the possibilities of which are increasing every year. Now it is impossible to exist without them in e-commerce. More than 58% of consumers today make purchases through their smartphone. In this article, we will consider the tasks and goals of mobile applications, their main functions and how much it costs to develop a mobile application. Let's talk about which platform to choose for hosting the application and about the options for mobile applications for different business areas.

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