Diversify not keep

Latest news: the status of official Shopify partners, portfolio diversification, and creation of a new company "Homin". Everything is in order, so keep reading for more details in the article.

How to hire developers from Ukraine for eCommerce project

This article explores the significance of hiring Ukrainian developers and provides a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this tech talent pool. We'll also discuss the challenges associated with outsourcing and how to mitigate them. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of why Ukrainian developers are a top choice for eCommerce business.

A new strategy, the same reliability – redesign of Web-Systems Solutions

About new ideas of our company, mission, strategy, and also a mini-interview from UX/UI designer about colors for the redesign of the company, main accents and design process.

From internship to a full-time job offer in IT company

IT today is an in-demand career. There is demand for the product, technology, specialists. For specialists, demand has exceeded supply since the beginning of the pandemic, when the only sale channel for many businesses was digital. And although the growth of the field is very fast, we still have a lack of qualified personnel and it is a pressing issue. 5 years ago it was good to know how to work with HTML, CSS and understand what hosting is. Today we need much more because the market dictates the rules. You need to know individual technologies, concepts of different development processes, also soft skills: the ability to switch between processes and teamwork.

MustHave for modern online-store nowadays

Last 2020 year was undoubtedly filled with unforgettable occasions. However, all trends and tendencies of this year were replaced by the demands which were dictated to us because of strict quarantine and lockdown. Therefore, we consider it is necessary to tell about E-commerce in 2020, refresh the main insights, summarize the last year, highlight and supplement the "trends in creating online stores" which were given by the changes in market, technology and search systems requirements. They also will remain actual in the new 2021.

Cannot be left: rebranding an IT company

How to successfully upgrade your company (from our experience) and keep the whole team in the process - we wіll discuss in our new article.

Bit to bit IT: an interview with the developer about studying, first job and prospects

On Thursday, October 25th, the first event organized by the Khmelnytskyi IT cluster was held. Representatives of local IT companies, cluster members, met with the students to get them acquainted with web development trends and share their success stories. Our developer Vitalii talked about his way from a student to an in-demand expert. The day before we spoke to him for our blog.

Take Our Kids To Work Day at Web-Systems Solutions

On Friday, August 31, we invited our kids to the office. At the beginning of the tour, we intentionally asked if they knew what their parents' jobs were. The most popular answer was ‘makes websites’. But after some 30 minutes, the guests could not only name the professions in IT but also tell what responsibilities each expert has.

Web-Systems Solutions summer corporate party 2018

Web-Systems Solutions summer corporate party 2018 was celebrated on the Black Sea just like the last year.

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