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About the project

Development of an online store for the farming machinery and equipment dealer from scratch. 


Our Client is a company that has been involved in the wholesale sale of modern agricultural machinery and equipment for many years.

Development time
5 developers
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  • to create a convenient online store containing advanced e-commerce functionality;
  • design according to usability standards.
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Our Client needs a convenient and efficient online store. The project had to go through all stages of development: design, layout and integration with CMS OpenCart, testing.

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  • online store has not only the usual e-commerce functionality, but also a video gallery with a product overview, a blog, a news section;
  • integration of the resource with social networks – visitors have the opportunity to share information about the selected product with friends, as well as to go to the seller’s pages on Instagram, Facebook;
  • there is an opportunity to download the seller’s price list. The online store is designed so that the administrator can easily download the price file and other product information to the site;
  • optimization for mobile devices.
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So, as a result, we got a practical online store for agricultural machinery and equipment for sale that our Customer successfully uses!

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